We educate users and support staff for confident system implementation

Each Conference Technologies, Inc. system installation includes hands-on user training performed by our certified instructors. We can deliver one-on-one training or group sessions to help your staff navigate their new technology with confidence. We demonstrate how it will increase their productivity and achieve full operational capabilities. Our technicians take time to carefully review the equipment and functions with all end-users to answer questions and address scenarios to alleviate their hesitations.

We can provide in depth training to your IT staff so they can maintain the system and provide user support. Our technicians will demonstrate any specialized functions and settings and can deliver a detailed guide when requested.

In addition to system training, we provide specific instruction in hardware and software applications. We are certified as trainers in SMART systems and can be commissioned to develop your personnel to be specialists for your site. As InfoComm Renewal Units trainers, we can educate your staff members to renew their CTS credentials for systems that are required to operate within this specified compliance.

Clients who utilize Conference Technologies, Inc.’s training services experience enhanced management and usage of their new system for optimized performance, support, and investment.

Our training services include:

  • System basics for end users
  • Advanced functions of pro audio, scheduling, capture and video conferencing systems
  • The use of enterprise communications software such as Microsoft Lync
  • In-depth training for your IT staff
  • Individual or group sessions available

Trained and confident end-users and staff will help unlock the full benefits of your new technology to ensure you get the best possible return on your investment.