Telemedicine technology is the delivery of healthcare services over telecommunication or internet infrastructures to remote patients and it is a method that is transforming healthcare. These advancements are due to increased demand from healthcare providers, insurance companies and patients for improved quality of care.

Healthcare providers are able to deliver more efficient life-saving care to more patients and are able to treat a greater number of complex cases through access to specialists via telemedicine. Teaching hospitals are able to implement this technology for training and can conduct virtual rounds, as well as perform diagnostic care and consultation. Medical centers also benefit by retaining patients that visit their facilities instead of losing them to outside providers. Shared costs of bidirectional medical support and real-time collaboration strengthen the bottom lines of medical professionals and centers.

Insurance providers see reduced readmission rates to medical facilities and decreased infections when telemedicine is applied so are proponents of the lower cost of care, especially in common diseases such as diabetes management, aging and stroke care.

Patients expect streamlined services from their providers. When specialists can be consulted via telemedicine, a prompt diagnosis lessens patient burdens and enhances the reputation of the medical provider managing their healthcare plan, which increases the standard of patient-centered care.

Conference Technologies, Inc. implements telemedicine through:

  • Video Conferencing for real-time consultations
  • Mobile video carts with integrated PCs
  • Tablet and mobile device infrastructure
  • HIPPA-compliant security encryption
  • Networked and point-to-point centers
  • Customized AV training rooms
  • Image acquisition cameras and peripherals
  • Workflow and scheduling management services