Video Conferencing and Teleconferencing Solutions

The Next Best Thing To Being There.

Video Communication systems can help your organization realize a variety of different objectives from reducing expenses to minimizing your organization’s environmental impact.  The implementation of easy-to-use, state-of-the-art video conferencing systems within an organization can improve communication and teamwork, accelerate decision-making, help respond faster to the competition, improve customer focus, improve work /life balance, meet green initiatives and greatly reduce the stress and expense of business travel.  Video conferencing within education can empower students, increase collaboration, increase access to experts, provide access to more training for instructors and staff, increase access for special needs students, enable virtual field trips and distance learning.

If you are considering a video purchase for your organization, you have a wide range of options - many more than you did just a few years ago.  The video conferencing industry is changing rapidly.  With the proliferation of IP, simplified user interfaces and the introduction of new form factors such as personal video for the desk or PC, video is more accessible than ever before.  At the same time, the introductions of telepresence solutions and high-definition video have raised the bar for quality and design.  With the quality of today’s systems, conducting a video call or meeting is just as natural as being there in person.

This ever-expanding video landscape means you’ll need to carefully weigh the various features and functionality to generate the best video program for meeting your organization’s collaboration needs.

Start your planning by envisioning how your organization might use video.  Most workflow processes currently engaged via telephone, e-mail or physical travel could be improved with the use of video conferencing.  Once video has been deployed you may be surprised by the additional opportunities your employees, instructors and students discover to improve collaboration and communication.

United Visual has a dedicated team of certified engineers, field technicians, programmers, project managers, sales consultants and technical support team to assist your organization in implementing a video conferencing strategy according to your needs.  From desktop systems to complex room designs, United Visual has the experience to get the job done so you can start to realize the returns on your conferencing investment.