Streaming & Archiving Solutions

Streaming and Archiving Solutions allow organizations to share knowledge and enhance communication by capturing and sharing any presentation, meeting, videoconference or message.

What is the value of the presentation, meeting or videoconference?  Would the knowledge shared and conveyed during these events be more valuable if it wasn’t fleeting?  Capturing the content of any presentation, meeting or videoconference and making it available to a larger audience greatly increases that value.  The message is no longer fleeting, but rather it is now archived and immediately available for a wider audience.  The benefits of capturing, archiving and streaming are numerous and should be explored when designing a new system or as a part of an upgrade to an existing presentation or conferencing system.  Corporations are using these technologies to capture sales and product training sessions and sharing them across multiple locations and offices.  Colleges and Universities are capturing presentations and lectures and making them available for distance learning and continued education.  In just time management alone, capturing and archiving can greatly increase productivity for those that can then receive the message or content when it's more suitable to their schedule.  Ask your United Visual sales consultant about adding capture and archiving capabilities to your system.  United Visual can help you develop the best solution to meet an assortment of needs.  Add capture and archiving to an existing presentation system or incorporate into a new system.  Explore the possibilities.

  • Webcast corporate meetings
  • Product demonstrations
  • Public relation messages
  • Human resource programs
  • Safety messages
  • Investor Relations
  • Executive briefings
  • Employee updates
  • Distance learning
  • Curriculum development
  • Continuing education
  • Marketing messages
  • Project collaboration
  • Training programs
  • Product announcements