United Visual System Guard

System Guard is a low-cost program, starting around $200, that eliminates all labor costs that accrue for a full year when an AV technician is dispatched to address problems that fall outside normal warranty coverage.

Your standard AV System Warranty and Service Agreements protect you against faulty equipment, software glitches and workmanship. But a lot of things can happen that no warranty covers, resulting in additional expenses from a required service call. Labor charges to diagnose a problem, which is determined to be excluded by your warranty, can easily exceed $400 for a single visit.

What can commonly go wrong?

  • User related errors
  • Accidental damage/abuse
  • Blown fuses
  • Power surges
  • Lightning strikes
  • Dead, missing or discharged batteries
  • Ethernet/Network problems
  • Firewall issues
  • RF and IR interference
  • Settings changed by users
  • User-caused wiring problems
  • Failures due to user furnished:
  • Connecting cables
  • Updated PCs
  • Equipment not originally in system
  • Telephone equipment and telephone line failures

Additionally, System Guard protects against hidden charges in the manufacturer's warranty, such as the labor to remove a mounted projector or display for warranty repair or lamp replacement. United Visual created the System Guard program to help clients protect themselves from these unforeseen and costly labor charges.  It will more than pay for itself with a single incident.

If your organization is adding a major AV system, the odds are your organization will fall victim to at least one of these non-warranty problems. If your system includes audio or video teleconferencing, you'll probably have at least two failures, one caused by a telco company problem.

When protected by United Visual's System Guard, a technician will be dispatched to make an on-site visit to evaluate the problem for you at no charge. Often, the problem can be rectified on the spot with no additional expense. If the problem is more severe, the offending component will be removed from any mount, cables disconnected and labeled, and returned to United Visual for service.

With System Guard, you get free initial labor on any service issue your warranty or insurance won't cover. With a small investment, you're protected for 1 full year against the most common problems.

Download the United Visual System Guard brochure.