United Visual Summer Maintenance Service Special

United Visual has always recognized the importance of maintaining and updating the electronic equipment used every day in your classrooms and therefore we offer an annual service special extended to the schools in United Visual's service area.  The Summer Maintenance program provides professional preventive maintenance to maximize the life of your a/v equipment.

Take advantage of this offer to save as much as 20% or more off of our regular service rates while still receiving the same quality service delivered by our experienced factory-trained technicians.  Reduce downtime and avoid costly repairs caused by lack of maintenance and firmware bugs on today's high-tech products.  By far, the most common and costly repairs of LCD & DLP projectors are a direct result of overheating, due to lack of proper maintenance.  Our experienced technicians will not only provide the professional service required to avoid these failures, they will also identify potential problems, giving you the opportunity to proactively prevent inconvenient failures during the school year.

  • Firmware updates are becoming as common and important to a/v equipment as computer software patches and driver updates are to computers. These upgrades can solve countless problems, from annoying intermittent shutdowns and erroneous error messages to malfunctions that prevent use of the product entirely.
  • LCD & DLP projectors require regular internal cleaning to ensure proper cooling LCD panels and both optical and electronic components, ultimately preventing untimely and very costly failures, while extending lamp life. Additionally, cleaning of the optical path & filters will ensure optimum image quality.
  • Overhead projectors and other a/v equipment need regular cleaning and lubrication to ensure adequate cooling to extend lamp life, prevent premature failure of electronic components and provide a clear, bright image.
  • DVD Players and CD players need cleaning, optical, servo, and tracking alignments to ensure reliable playback and to extend product life.
  • VCRs and camcorders need cleaning, adjustment and lubrication to keep dust and metal oxides from causing unnecessary wear, premature failures, and poor image quality.
  • Save 10% on labor for ALL repairs in addition to discounted preventive maintenance
With this program you'll receive double the warranty on all parts replaced and all work performed.  That's a full 6-month warranty* from the start of your school year.  Remember, proper maintenance will reduce downtimes, extend the life of your equipment, and reduce the chance of unexpected repair costs. Save money and safeguard your investment by taking advantage of our discounted summer rates.

On-Site Preventive Maintenance Also Available.

Call or Email United Visual's Service Department for options and pricing.

Scheduling a FREE PICK-UP can be accomplished in minutes by phone, e-mail, or fax form. Please refer to our Summer Maintenance brochure for further details to make your arrangements and for additional information on this program.