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XL5900LU Mitsubishi DLP LCD Projector Mitsubishi XL5900LU List: $9,295.00
MAP Price: $5,495.00
Mitsubishi  XL5900LU  XGA LCD Installation Projector

XL5900 Mitsubishi DLP LCD Projector Mitsubishi XL5900 List: $9,995.00
MAP Price: $5,995.00
Mitsubishi  XL5900  XGA LCD Installation Projector

XL5980LU Mitsubishi DLP LCD Projector Mitsubishi XL5980LU List: $10,995.00
MAP Price: $7,795.00
Mitsubishi  XL5980LU  XGA LCD Installation Projector

XL5980U Mitsubishi DLP LCD Projector Mitsubishi XL5980U List: $11,995.00
MAP Price: $8,495.00
Mitsubishi  XL5980U  XGA LCD Installation Projector

Sanyo PLC-EF31N List: $23,995.00
Your Price: $10,553.40
Sanyo  PLC-EF31N  True SXGA Digital Projector

Sanyo PLC-EF31NL List: $22,995.00
Your Price: $10,157.40
Sanyo  PLC-EF31NL  True SXGA Digital Projector

Sanyo PLC-EF60A List: $29,995.00
MAP Price: $16,995.00
Sanyo  PLC-EF60A  2-Lamp Multimedia HDTV Projector

Sanyo PLC-UF15 List: $49,995.00
Your Price: $34,313.40
Sanyo  PLC-UF15  True UXGA Digital Multimedia Projector

Sanyo PLC-XF42 List: $21,995.00
MAP Price: $13,995.00
Sanyo  PLC-XF42  Large Venue LCD Projector

Sanyo PLC-XF45 List: $29,995.00
Your Price: $18,473.40
Sanyo  PLC-XF45  Large Venue LCD Projector

Sanyo PLC-XF46N List: $29,995.00
Your Price: $16,995.00
Sanyo  PLC-XF46N  Large Venue LCD Projector

Sanyo PLC-XF60A List: $19,995.00
MAP Price: $8,295.00
Sanyo  PLC-XF60A  Large Venue LCD Projector

Sharp XG-PH50X-NL Sharp XG-PH50X-NL List: $5,495.00
MAP Price: $4,599.00
Sharp  XG-PH50X-NL  Install XGA DLP Projector

Sharp XG-PH50X Sharp XG-PH50X List: $5,995.00
MAP Price: $4,999.00
Sharp  XG-PH50X  Install XGA DLP Projector

Sony Video LCD projector model VPL-FX52 VPL-FX52 Sony VPL-FX52 List: $10,750.00
Your Price: $8,437.50
Sony  VPL-FX52  Large-venue LCD installation projector