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Ceiling/Wall mounts

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Da-Lite 40968, 409-68, black T-bar scissor clips for mounting manual screens to dropped ceilings Da-Lite 40968 List: $12.00
Your Price: $10.00
Da-Lite  40968  Black T-bar scissor clips

Da-Lite 78445, 784-45, black T-bar scissor clips for mounting manual screens to dropped ceilings Da-Lite 78445 List: $12.00
Your Price: $10.00
Da-Lite  78445  White T-bar scissor clips

Da-Lite 40932, 409-32, Number 6 wall bracket for Da-Lite manual wall screens Da-Lite 40932 List: $18.00
Your Price: $15.00
Da-Lite  40932  6" extending wall brackets for screens

Da-Lite 40957, 409-57, Number 11 wall bracket for Da-Lite Model C manual wall screens Da-Lite 40957 List: $28.00
Your Price: $21.00
Da-Lite  40957  14" extending wall brackets for screens

Da-Lite 40933, 409-33, Number 23 wall bracket for Da-Lite manual wall screens (14.5" - 24") Da-Lite 40933 List: $34.00
Your Price: $25.00
Da-Lite  40933  Adjustable wall brackets for screens

Draper 227002, 227-002 non-adjustable 6" wall brackets in black for manual wall screens Draper 227020 (black) List: $15.00
Your Price: $12.00
Draper  227020 (black)  6" non-adjustable wall brackets

Draper 227020, 227-020 non-adjustable 6" wall brackets in white for manual wall screens Draper 227020 List: $15.00
Your Price: $10.00
Draper  227020  6" non-adjustable wall brackets

Draper 227003, 227-003 non-adjustable 12" wall brackets in white for manual wall screens Draper 227003 (white) List: $27.00
Your Price: $19.00
Draper  227003 (white)  12" non-adjustable wall brackets

Draper 227001, 227-001 adjustable keystone eliminator wall brackets in white for Draper manual wall screens Draper 227001 (white) List: $33.00
Your Price: $23.00
Draper  227001 (white)  Keystone eliminator wall brackets

Epson ELPMB35 ceiling mount for EMP-50, 70 LCD projectors Epson ELPMBBONI List: $199.00
Your Price: $153.00
Epson  ELPMBBONI  Projector ceiling mount

Epson ELPMB32, ELP-MB32 ceiling mount for EMP-500, 700, 710 LCD projectors Epson ELPMB32 List: $255.00
Your Price: $206.00
Epson  ELPMB32  Ceiling mount

Epson ELPMB36 ceiling mount for PowerLite 600p, 800p, 810p, 61p, 81p LCD projectors Epson ELPMB36 List: $260.00
Your Price: $170.00
Epson  ELPMB36  Projector ceiling mount

Epson ELPMB31, ELP-MB31 ceiling mount for EMP-5350, 7250, 7350 and 8000, 9000 series LCD  projectors Epson ELPMB31 List: $265.00
Your Price: $212.00
Epson  ELPMB31  Ceiling mount

Epson ELPMB34 ceiling mount for EMP-7700 LCD projectors Epson ELPMB34 List: $265.00
Your Price: $212.00
Epson  ELPMB34  Ceiling mount

Mitsubishi PROJFCA, PRO-JFCA false ceiling adapter plate Mitsubishi PROJFCA List: $199.00
Your Price: $168.00
Mitsubishi  PROJFCA  False ceiling adapter plate

Mitsubishi PROJASA, Mitsubishi PROJSA, PRO-JSA suspension adapter pole Mitsubishi PROJSA List: $229.00
Your Price: $186.00
Mitsubishi  PROJSA  Suspension adapter pole

Mitsubishi X300CM, X-300CM, ceiling mount Mitsubishi X300CM List: $295.00
Your Price: $237.00
Mitsubishi  X300CM  Ceiling mount

Mitsubishi X400CM, X-400CM, ceiling mount Mitsubishi X400CM List: $295.00
Your Price: $237.00
Mitsubishi  X400CM  Ceiling mount

Sharp ceiling mount XL1CM for LVPS/XL1U projector Mitsubishi XL1CM List: $295.00
Your Price: $237.00
Mitsubishi  XL1CM  Ceiling mount for LVP-S/XL1

Mitsubishi X500CM, X-500CM, ceiling mount Mitsubishi X500CM List: $349.00
Your Price: $311.00
Mitsubishi  X500CM  Ceiling mount

Sharp AN-JT200P, ANJT200P angle mount joint for ceiling mounts Sharp AN-JT200P List: $89.00
Your Price: $89.00
Sharp  AN-JT200P  Angle mount joint

Sharp AN-EP101B, ANEP101B ceiling mount extension tube Sharp AN-EP101B List: $125.00
Your Price: $125.00
Sharp  AN-EP101B  Ceiling mount extension tube

Sharp AN-XGCM61, ANXGCM61 ceiling mount for XG-P10, P20 LCD projectors Sharp AN-XGCM61 List: $325.00
Your Price: $325.00
Sharp  AN-XGCM61  Ceiling mount

Sharp AN-XGCM70, ANXGCM70 ceiling mount for XG-V10XU LCD projectors Sharp AN-XGCM70 List: $360.00
Your Price: $360.00
Sharp  AN-XGCM70  Ceiling Mount

Sony PR-620, PR620 suspension support ceiling mount for VPL-FX50 LCD projectors Sony PR-620 List: $200.00
Your Price: $195.00
Sony  PR-620  Suspension support ceiling mount

Suspension support ceiling mount for many Sony projectors PSS610//A, PSS-610 Sony PSS-610//A List: $300.00
Your Price: $292.00
Sony  PSS-610//A  Suspension support ceiling mount