Vidyo Conferencing Solutions

United Visual is an Authorized Vidyo partner and provides managed services, product sales, training, installation and configuration of the full line of Vidyo conferencing solutions.  Give us a call and we can help you select the best Vidyo solution to meet your organization's communication and collaboration objectives.

As video communications have become more integral to enterprise applications over the past few years, the limitations of many video communications solutions have become uncomfortably apparent. Beyond the expense of the systems and solutions themselves — not to mention the special rooms and dedicated networks these systems require — users have been forced to bear with marginal performance. Choppy frames, long delays, blurred motion and broken pictures just to name a few. Given the expense of these systems, people have had good reason to expect more.

With Vidyo solutions from United Visual those expectations can finally be realized. Allow us to introduce you to VidyoConferencing products and solutions that deliver higher-quality experiences and greater deployment flexibility over general-purpose IP networks all at a lower cost of ownership. VidyoConferencing products are built on top of a better technical foundation with solutions for a full range of user environments from the home-office desktop up to the dedicated corporate video-conferencing space.

VidyoConferencing products have all been designed to take advantage of an organization's existing IP infrastructure with no dedicated networks required. And yet the end product still manages to surpass the quality of video communications, as we've known them to date. By addressing the performance, cost, ease-of-use, and networking issues associated with traditional conferencing solutions, Vidyo has at long last made broad-based video communications affordable for both enterprises and consumer applications. It really sounds too good to be true. Experience it for yourself by contacting United Visual and requesting a demonstration of the quality and ease of use.

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