The Extremely Bright
Sony VPL-CS6

The VPL-CS6 is one of the latest additions to the ranks of high-quality Sony projectors, and is ideal for handling presentations when you are on the move. Compact and light enough to be easily carried, The VPL-CS6 projector is an excellent choice. The VPL-CS6 meets the demands of the road and in the boardroom.

Sony VPL-CS6 Highlights:

- SVGA (800x600) resolution
- 1800 ANSI Lumens
- Only 5.9 lbs.
- 2000 Hours Lamp Life

- PLUS A FREE LAMP if you buy in December

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Table of Contents:
1. United Visual helps Harley-Davidson Mark Anniversary
2. Epson Introduces SXGA Projector With 7,000-Hour Lamp
3. Draper Announces Pipe-Style LCD/DLP Projector Mounts
4. Panasonic Announces Sixth Generation of Plasma Displays
5. MeetingManager Available From AMX
6. Attention Schools - Illinois Open Meetings Act Amendment
7. Creating Spaces – Part 1 -- Building the Boardroom


1. United Visual helps Harley-Davidson Mark Anniversary

Harley-Davidson culminated its 100th anniversary celebration with a colossal stage production in Milwaukee's Veterans Park under the direction of London producer Andrew Empson and the technology of United Visual. United Visual´s Project Manager James Harris was responsible for designing the video projection system that created the full-motion video images on the two 38´x96´ custom projection screens on either side of the main stage. To project a 103´ diagonal video image with a throw distance of 180 feet, Harris used 12 Christie Digital Roadie X10 DLP™ projectors inside two custom built cages. Each cage accommodated two triple-stacked projectors per screen producing a video system with a total output of 120,000 ANSI lumens. Video was delivered to the projector stacks via an Analog Way Graphic Switcher II System with edge-blending technology.

The final product produced an amazingly crisp 3648 sq. ft. video image on either side of the stage that projected Harley-Davidson footage and supported performances by Elton John, Kid Rock, The Doobie Brothers and Tim McGraw. United Visual also provided video effects and live performance video during the musical performances by using two Eiki XT3 10,000-ANSI-lumen projectors.

Visit the United Visual website for more on the story.

2. Epson Introduces 2500-ANSI Lumen SXGA Projector With 7,000-Hour Lamp

Epson´s new PowerLite 9300i has SXGA (1400 x 1050) native resolution, with 2500 ANSI lumens and 1100:1 contrast ratio. It uses 1.4-inch LCDs, has out of the box networking (Epson´s EasyManagement lets IS monitor and control from remote locations) and an unmatched lamp life of 7,000 hours. The replacement is $600.

The 9300i is an installation projector with a powered lens for zoom and focus using the remote control, and a new onscreen interface called Quick Corner lets users make keystone corrections.

If you want to stack them, you can use a multi-screen adjustment function that lets users control each unit with just one remote control for brightness and color adjustments on a computer over LAN or RS232.

The 9300i is password protected at power-on and a timer lets users set customized time limits on usage. It also has logo protect so that the logo appears on screen whenever the projector is on.

The PowerLite 9300i sells for $11,299.

3. Draper Announces Pipe-Style LCD/DLP Projector Mounts

Draper´s new Aero Accuset mounts feature what the company calls "infinite adjustability" within each mount´s size range. The mounts also allow the cables to be dropped down inside the length of the pipe, so they are protected and hidden.

The mounts are available in several size ranges and configurations and come with Draper´s Universal Projector Bracket, which fits 90 percent of DLP/LCD projectors with mounting holes.

4. Panasonic Announces Sixth Generation of Plasma Displays

Panasonic added the 50" TH-50PHD6UY, 42" TH-42PHD6UY and 37" TH-37PWD6UY plasma displays to its product line. The three new flat screen displays deliver what Panasonic says is exceptional color reproduction with 1,536 gradation shades and 1,070 million colors.

Panasonic´s TH-6 displays feature picture-enhancing technologies including Super Real Gamma System, a Real Black Drive System, a Deep Black Filter, a MACH Enhancer and a Contrast Automatic Tracking System (C.A.T.S.); and improved usability with new functionality in the form of dual-picture modes, a 9-point digital zoom and multi-function slots for interchangeable IT networking and AV inputs.

The TH-42PWD6UY and TH-37PWD376UY produce a resolution of 852 x 480 pixels; and the TH-50PHD6UY has 1366 x 768 pixel resolution. The panels offer wide computer and video signal compatibility with support for VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA and UXGA resolution computer graphics and DTV/HDTV signals in 1080p 24p/24sf, 1080i 50/60, 720p 50/60, 480p/i and 576 p/i. They also offer an expanded range of horizontal and vertical scanning rates (fH: 15.6 -110kHz; fV: 48-120Hz).

The displays are equipped with 3:2 pull-down technology that automatically detects a 3:2 film-based source (24p video). Advanced 3-Dimension Progressive Scan greatly boosts the precision of the progressive scan conversion, eliminating flicker in still images and minimizing jagged diagonal edges in moving pictures, resulting in crisp, natural edges.

TH-6 displays can be vertically or horizontally mounted and are designed especially for updateable digital signage or for any multimedia applications (optional fan kit required for HD models).

5. MeetingManager Available From AMX

AMX´s MeetingManager, a meeting room management and equipment monitoring software package, is now available. The product allows for control and automation for corporate and campus-wide operations, letting you keep track of room appointments scheduled through Outlook/Exchange, GroupWise or MeetingManager. The appointments, with messages and graphics pre-programmed by you, can be viewed on an AMX Modero Touch Panel.

You can control meeting room functions such as lighting, audio and climate settings and select payback sources, display devices and you can launch applications.

MeetingManager can detect instantly if a device has been disconnected without authorization and notify security of a possible theft in progress. This helps protect the institution´s significant investment in high-end presentation electronics and control technology.

MeetingManager provides you with access to support staff through an interactive help desk interface, ensuring that meetings, classes and other events take place as smoothly as possible.

6. Illinois Open Meetings Act Amendment

On August 12, 2003, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich signed the Open Meetings Act Amendment into law to be effective January 1, 2004. This Act which was Senate Bill 1586 will require all public bodies to keep a "verbatim record of all of their closed meetings" in the form of an audio or video recording.

The Amendment SB 1586 modifies Section 2.06 of the Act known as 5 ILCS 120/2.06. P. A. 93-0523.

Download a summary of the amendment here.
Download a full text version here.

For a complete listing of education-related bills see The Legislature and the Schools PDF document.

United Visual has helped a number of schools comply with the amendment with a variety of professional recording systems. United Visual offers a number of solutions to meet your needs, ranging from cost - effective analog recording (shown) to a fully digital system to record and archive your important meetings. Contact your United Visual representative today to discuss the different options available.

Shown is a Marantz portable cassette recorder and a Shure boundary microphone. This solution is suggested providing high quality recordings for up to 10 people.

7. Creating Spaces ­ Part 1 -- Building the Boardroom

Your boardroom says something about your organization, whether you intend it to or not! So your best bet is to review your corporate image and bring it to life in your boardroom design.

The most important aspect of your boardroom is its aesthetic value, no matter your theme. Is your company progressive, high tech? You might want to go with a highly polished look, such as chrome and glass with some modern art for decor. Would you prefer to convey tradition and history? Maybe cherry wood and old photos will do the trick.

Your boardroom also likely serves a variety of purposes. Obviously, the boardroom is used for meetings, but also for business lunches, fun socials, presentations, video and audio conferences, sales pitches, dealmaking and so on. You want your boardroom to easily serve its full variety of purposes while conveying beauty and delivering maximum functionality.


It used to be that a rectangular corporate boardroom conference table was placed in the middle of the room with chairs on either end and on the sides. Today´s smart boardroom designers are more likely to use table arrangements that allow for better visibility to the front of the room. Some rooms might have three tables arranged in a U shape, or two tables in a V shape, either of which can be moved to create the traditional rectangular table when desired.

Chairs not only need to be attractive, but they comfortable and spaced far enough from each other as to not crowd the meeting participants.

Speaking of crowding, don´t! Keep the entire room open and airy, uncluttered, uncrowded. Be sure the furnishings and cabinetry aren´t too big for the room so there is plenty of room to walk around. Of course, large windows with views of the mountains, the ocean, or a skyline are ideal, but if those aren´t possible, consider an atrium to keep an open feel to the room.


For general purposes, you´ll most often find recessed ceiling lighting in boardrooms these days. They are softer than fluorescent lights, take up less space than hanging lights and deliver uniform lighting throughout a room.

For task-driven lighting, you´ll want a variety of lighting options to accommodate speakers, projected images, and videoconferences. For speakers, you´ll want a well-lit front of room and light directed to the podium for illuminating the speaker notes. For when the projector is on, you´ll want the lights dimmed, but you might want soft light focused on the table so that participants can read or take notes. For videoconferencing, you´ll not only need the lights dim enough for the projector, you might want to illuminate the participants´ faces so that they can be clearly seen by all videoconference locations.


There´s just one word that describes the best aesthetics for your boardroom AV – concealment! Real projection displays, flat-screen LCD, plasma and DLP panels, and projectors recessed in the ceiling and lowered when needed, are quite in fashion these days. Individual displays at the conference table can be pop-up style, so they disappear, flush with the table when not in use. One company even bypasses monitors and instead, projects an image right onto rectangles on the table, which have touch panels underneath.

Control panels are vital to an attractive boardroom. The control panel lets you hide components and cables in the cabinetry, and lets you control every AV component as well as room settings, such as lighting and window shades, from a central location.

A well-orchestrated boardroom requires a lot of planning and know-how, but companies who have aesthetically beautiful and highly functional boardrooms will tell you it´s worth every penny. The ideal boardroom is an investment, but that´s OK -- your image is priceless.


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