Conference Technologies, Inc. offers scalable, interactive, customized, and cost-effective webcast solutions for a range of needs

Conference Technologies, Inc. designs and integrates webcasting systems on a permanent or short-term basis. We offer high-definition capture systems from Polycom, Crestron, LifeSize and other leading equipment providers in conjunction with video on demand (VOD) servers that stream your content in a variety of formats optimized for video systems, computers, tablets and smart phones.

Many of our clients opt for our cloud VOD services, where we provide the data center, software, and support needed for your streaming video offerings.

The applications for webcasting work in any environment where it is valuable to capture, stream, and record content. It has become a primary teaching mechanism in universities and organizations and is a common way to broadcast live events.

A cultivated content library is a valuable resource to help extend audiences, ensure instruction is shared with multiple trainees, and deliver information to people world-wide.

For permanently installed systems

  • System design and integration
  • Programming
  • Server setup
  • VOD cloud services, including content delivery management

  • For rental systems

  • Webcasting system rentals
  • Camera operators
  • Audio and video production
  • Show staging
  • Webcasting/VOD cloud services, including event registration and e-commerce solutions for tuition-based events

  • Webcasting and streaming are cost-effective options to ensure your next meeting, broadcast, or class reaches as many people as possible in real-time. Contact our team to see how we can customize your webcasting experience!