Professional Sound Reinforcement

Let us transform your sound so your event resonates

If your meeting, event, or performance requires sound reinforcement, we can amplify and distribute audio that spans to sizable or distant audiences as well as enhance sound sources during your presentation.

Conference Technologies, Inc. ensures skilled technicians are there to calculate the input signal processing, amplifiers, and outputs to bring a clear, balanced audio experience. This can be achieved by adding in microphones, or personal announcement systems to boost reception.

We have capabilities for large venues but serve small sounds systems as well. If your amphitheater becomes inoperative, we will be there to bring a full concert quality resource for complete live event reinforcement and support. If your personal sound system simply needs a boost, we are able to supplement that as well.

Let us show you how to achieve sound reinforcement with Sennheiser K-array audio systems that bring an immersive sound experience, along with Meyer vertical line array speakers that supply equal dispersion of frequency and balanced productions.

Sound reinforcement applications:

  • House of Worship
  • Live Theater
  • Lecture halls
  • Acoustical enhancements for dead spots
  • Wireless and mixed surround

When your event needs enhancement, we are there to support and boost your sound quality to elevate listener experience.