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Price Matching Policy

United Visual

United Visual will generally meet or beat any legitimate price on the same product.

If you do find a lower price than ours, please contact us and let us go to work for you!

To verify a competitor's price, please do any one of the following:

price matching policy E-mail the competitor's quote to [email protected]
price matching policy Fax the quote to 630-467-1616
price matching policy Send us the competitor's website address (We need the the exact address showing the model and price in question. It's usually easiest to go to that page, copy the address from your browser, then paste it into an e-mail to us.)

One caution: an important reason we don't make a universal "lowest price" promise is that we frequently run into situations where others have quoted special pricing on demo units, returned goods or gray-market imports. So we ask that you make sure you're getting everything you would be getting from United Visual before you decide to go with one of those seemingly extraordinary deals.