Digital Signage

Enhance user experiences with custom targeted content

Digital signage is an interactive visual display that delivers adaptable content to maximize user engagement and heighten experiences in your facility in a custom, timely application.

Digital media displays are an efficient way to engage an audience. Conference Technologies, Inc. can provide a turn-key solution that puts this powerful medium to work in your facility. When you add Digital Signage to your space, you create an enhanced experience that allows your content to directly interact with those who view it.

We can provide a complete solution that integrates software, hardware, content, and installation as a basic stand-alone application with easy USB uploads, or installed as an integrated online remote management system for more refined, multilayered content. There are many configurations available and customizable templates that can be adapted to fit your needs.

Digital signage allows for messages to be updated instantly, which assures your communications are timely. Content can be used to entertain, inform, or advertise to observers. It can also be tailored and targeted to your audience, and can range from news or RSS feeds, to slide shows, videos and more.

Our Digital Signage solutions include:

  • Way finding and directional assistance
  • Convention centers and trade shows
  • Digital menu displays
  • Video Walls
  • Broadcasts
  • Corporate and internal communications
  • User driven RFID
  • Promotion boards
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • Graphic Design

  • Conference Technologies, Inc. is able to design a service package for your application that includes remote support, content development, content management, data storage, and network management. This comprehensive plan will help broadcast your messages quickly and efficiently, all from a central location. Let us show you how this effective visual communication can work for you.