A leader in corporate audio visual technology

In today's corporate climate, effective communication is essential. Companies choose Conference Technologies, Inc.® to bring their workforces together to communicate and collaborate more productively over great distances.

We provide custom presentation, training, messaging, and conferencing solutions that will help meet your business goals.

Organizations from a variety of industries come to Conference Technologies, Inc.® for solutions with:

  • Minimizing costs, man-hours, and carbon emissions associated with business travel.
  • More efficient connectivity with phone and networking solutions.
  • Designing impressive events, meetings, conventions, and product unveilings to wow clients and investors.
  • Engaging visitors with stunning digital display messages in lobbies, offices, and cafeterias.
  • Delivering intelligent data to clients via information kiosks.
  • Engineering emergency broadcast systems to keep your people safe and aware.

Our certified industry professionals will accommodate your business culture and architectural vision, bringing your ideas to life with superb sound and video.

Gaining the competitive edge

Investing in our technology will give you the edge to hold more effective, productive, and impressive meetings or presentations within your organization. Our talented team of audio visual industry leaders will design a system that is cost-effective, powerful, and user friendly, leveraging the power to focus more into your team.

Conference Technologies, Inc.® designs and builds:

  • Boardrooms
  • Executive Briefing Centers
  • Training Facilities
  • Video and Audio Distribution Systems
  • Conferencing Spaces
  • Multipurpose Conference Spaces
  • Network Operations and Call Centers
  • Lobbies and Corridors
  • Fitness Centers
  • Executive Offices
  • Cafeterias
  • Kiosks

To learn more about our corporate audio visual services and offerings, get in touch with a sales representative today.