Welcome to United Visual

Our company was founded over 62 years ago with the intention of providing our customers great service and a great experience each and every time we did business.

Over the past 62 years, United Visual has come a long way. Our business has changed as the technology has rapidly proliferated from “Reel to Reel” filmstrip projectors to high tech collaborative learning environments including immersive telepresence and 3D projection.

While the technology has changed, and so have the people, much of the core values have stayed the same. Those values are in our honest, high integrity approach to serving you the customer. We know that our customers are the key to our success. It is that customer focused approach that has allowed us to grow and prosper for so many years. It is continuing to operate that will give us many more years ahead.

As a Chicago based technology system integrator, we serve a wide variety of customers. From schools, to municipalities, to small businesses, to global “Fortune 500” enterprises, we provide all of these types of organizations with leading presentation technologies and collaborative solutions.

We also have a diverse organization that can handle your equipment, integration, service, and production needs. When we say that we are a full service system integrator, we really mean it! Today there are many companies out there that proclaim to offer what United Visual offers. Unlike many of the others, at United Visual, we embrace the competition as we know when you work with us you will find that we put your needs first, and we work quickly and creatively to make sure your needs are met and the solutions we provide fit your applications.

What we believe makes us different than so many others is our desire to genuinely understand your business and/or organizational needs. Many companies want to sell you technology because it is cool, or because it is the latest thing. While cool technology is fun and perhaps exciting, we know that you have a business to attend to and that you’re looking to partner with a company that will help you utilize technology to achieve your business goals.

We couldn’t agree more!

When you align your Audio, Video, and Unified Communications needs with our organization, what you are going to come away with are a set of solutions that make sense for your business. We will work within our capabilities to solve the technology problems you know about today and to identify those that will affect your business tomorrow.

So welcome to United Visual. For those that have been with us a while, thank you so much. And for those just stepping in, we look forward to serving you for the next 62 years.

All the best!

Daniel L. Newman
Chief Executive Officer