Acoustic Design and Analysis

An acoustical analysis is a crucial part of the design process for many integrated systems

When intelligible audio is missing from a presentation room, it is instantly perceivable. If sound is critical for your space then it pays to work with Conference Technologies, Inc. to bring the science and art of acoustical analysis to model your room.

We start by creating an acoustical prototype of your space. Our engineers meticulously calculate each dimension and each material until they have an exact electronic replica which is then used to optimize acoustical treatments to provide the right amplifiers, speakers, digital signal processors and other necessary components.

Once the equipment is installed, we configure and tune the new sound system, equalizing, and adjusting the electronics until the desired result is achieved. We utilize similar methods of scaling
for the implementation of video conference rooms and boardrooms; combining computer design software with the engineer’s experienced sound acuity.

We understand that many facilities are designed to host different types of events, each operated by different people. Conference Technologies Inc. can customize your system with a series of pre-set configurations in the audio processor to be equalized for different operators, which saves time and adjustments when the system is utilized.

Our acoustic design services include:

  • Acoustical modeling
  • Acoustical field testing
  • Component selection
  • Noise control
  • Vibration abatement
  • System tuning and commissioning

Great sound is as important as great video in any lecture, presentation or performance. The power of an idea, the nuances of meaning, the ability to inspire and motivate listeners, can all depend on the ability to hear the subtleties of the speech, expression, and music.