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Sony Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure
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Richard K. Wheeler Broadcast and Professional Group
Sony Electronics Inc.
3300 Zanker Road
San Jose, CA 95134
Fax number (408) 955-5300

Sony ElectronicsNovember 16, 1998


  1. Sony Electronics Inc. represents that, except in the case of the products listed in section B. below, to the best of its knowledge:
  1. Sony branded products will not malfunction by virtue of the transition from the year 1999 to the years 2000 and beyond and
  2. to the extent any such products are designed to process date/time data, such products will accurately do so provided such data is properly furnished to them.
  1. Exceptions to the statements contained in Part I, section A., above, are listed below:
  1. Consumer Products with Year 2000-related problems:
  • CCDF30 Camcorder
  • Certain consumer VTR remote commanders designed for the European and Japanese markets with G-code decoders (resolution is under consideration)
  1. Non-Consumer Products with Year 2000-related problems:
  • Sony BZC-3100/3200 software: (resolution is under consideration)
  • Certain Sony NEWS Computers and Operating Systems: (resolution is under consideration)
  • VWX-6000: Problem resident in NEWS OS (resolution under investigation)
  • SMC-3000G: (resolution under investigation)
  1. In addition to the above group of products, the following group of non-consumer products may experience date related problems after the year 2009.
  • PVV-3: No problem until year 2010
  • UVW-100: No problem until year 2010
  • MVC-2000: No problem until year 2019
  • MVC-5000: No problem until year 2019
  • MVC-7000: No problem until year 2019
  • MVCA&AF: No problem until year 2019
  • DSR-1: No problem until year 2020
Please Note: Certain Sony products are designed to utilize software provided by other companies (for example, Windows by Microsoft). Please consult such companies regarding their software.

Sony is committed to providing adequate and appropriate product information regarding Year 2000 problems. During 1998, Sony’s service and customer support network in the United States expects to receive detailed problem solving guidelines (and updates) on the above products (exceptions) which do have potential Year 2000 problems. If you are affected by the above exceptions, please send us a message so we can retain your name and address (with model number) on file. We will then provide you with the appropriate counter measures when received.

Please send the information to:

In the case of Broadcast and Professional Products:

Richard K. Wheeler
Broadcast and Professional Group
Sony Electronics Inc.
3300 Zanker Road
San Jose, CA 95134
Fax number (408) 955-5300
E-mail address: [email protected]


In the case of all other Sony products:

David Heywood
Sony Service Company
Sony Electronics Inc.
680 Kinderkamack Road
Oradell, NJ 07649
Fax number (201) 986-3306


In view of the upcoming transition into the next century, Sony Electronics Inc. has been pro-actively reviewing its internal computer systems and business applications to ensure that these systems are Year 2000 ready, and to plan and implement appropriate system changes/upgrades where necessary. This effort began in 1996 and we are currently targeted to have the necessary system changes and upgrades completed in time to adequately handle the change in centuries.

The processes and methodologies being followed in this undertaking are those which are generally accepted information technology industry practices for major project assessment, planning, development, testing and implementation.

It is, of course, our intention to cooperate with our electronic trading partners and those organizations with whom Sony Electronics shares data files or otherwise interconnects its computer systems to ensure continued compatibility between our organizations. If your company is one of these organizations, we welcome your specific compatibility inquiries and ask for your cooperation in responding to ours. Inquiries about specific compatibility issues can be directed to:

Sony Electronics Inc.
Year 2000 MIS Project Office
MD T2-12
123 Tice Boulevard
Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey 07675

Phone (201) 930-7887
Fax (201) 930-4765
Email: [email protected]



Sony Electronics Inc. currently has internal project teams assessing the year 2000 readiness of
its non-information technology systems and operations, including its facilities and engineering
and manufacturing operations and, where appropriate, has begun implementing remedial actions.

Sony Electronics Inc. 11/16/98

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