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Sharp Year 2000 Statement
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Ted Sudol
Senior Manager
Technical Support Department
Sharp Electronics Corporation

Sharp ElectronicsMarch 31, 1998

Dear Sharp Valued Customer,

As the Year 2000 approaches, many corporations and businesses are concerned about the continued operation of their business equipment past the Year 2000. The products they currently use or plan to purchase must be capable of correctly processing, receiving, interpreting, managing, and manipulating data without experiencing incorrect results when processing date-related information.

Sharp Electronics Corporation is sensitive to our customer's business needs, therefore, we are working to identify and communicate all Year 2000 issues.

Sharp Liquid Ciystal Display (LCD) Projectors do not use a calendar feature for operation. Under these circumstances, these Sharp products ought not to require special attention because of the "turn of the century".

This information is not a warranty and does not modify or extend warranties. Only written warranties made by your dealer or by Sharp at the time of original sale of the Sharp product to an end-user in its factory carton apply, and then, only for the periods referred to in the original warranty documentation.

We are making this information available to you so that you can plan your "turn of the century" programs with the knowledge that Sharp brand LCD projectors have no special requirements.

Thank you for your interest in Sharp products.


Ted Sudol
Senior Manager
Technical Support Department

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