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In Focus Year 2000 Statement
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Richard D. Bulot
Vice President, Service & Support
In Focus Systems, Inc. 27700B SW Parkway Avenue
Wilsonville, OR 97070-9215

In Focus SystemsTechnical Communication




Products Unsusceptible to the Year 2000 Date Issue






The turn of the century can adversely affect computer systems and other software-operated electronic equipment using two-digit date codes to represent the calendar year. Some of these systems may incorrectly interpret the "00" in the date code as 1900 instead of 2000. The failure of the system software to accurately represent the year 2000 date is referred to as the "Y2K (year 2000) problem," or the "millennium bug."

Potential Impact of the Y2K Problem

The Y2K problem can corrupt hardware and software system operation, causing errors or complete system shutdown. The list below shows types of computer system software that may be affected by the Y2K problem.

  • operating systems
  • databases
  • financial institution record-keeping
  • e-mail

Other types of electronic equipment using proprietary software may also be affected.

Some software applications used to prepare spreadsheet presentations may be susceptible to Y2K issues. In Focus cannot guarantee that all presentation software publishers have tested their applications and made corrections, where necessary, to avoid the Y2K problem. Presenters using presentation preparation software should consult the software vendor for more information about whether the Y2K problem may affect the application(s) they use.

In Focus Products are Unaffected by the Y2K Problem

In Focus products do not use software date codes. Accordingly, all In Focus hardware and software products will not be affected by the date change to January 1, 2000. This includes all In Focus projectors and panels, presentation players, LiteShow II and LiteShow Pro.

In an effort to assure our business partners and customers that In Focus products will not be affected by the Y2K problem, the company has prepared a warranty statement that explains how the hardware and software systems in our products comply with good design practices to function correctly on or after January 1, 2000.

Statement against Y2K Problem

All past and current In Focus products ("Products"), including LitePro and LP projectors, PanelBook, PowerView, SmartView and PC Viewer projection panels, and LiteShow II and LiteShow Pro presentation players are Year 2000-compliant. Accordingly, all In Focus Products are designed to be used prior to, during, and after the calendar year 2000 AD, and will operate during each such time period without error relating to date data, specifically including any error relating to, or the product of, date data which represents or references different centuries or more than one century. This Statement applies to In Focus Products only and not other products attached to In Focus Products. Also, with respect to the LiteShow Pro presentation players, notwithstanding the above, In Focus does not make any representation as to Microsoft Windows® software installed on the LiteShow Pro presentation player.

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