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3M Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure
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C. Agnew Meek
Divison Vice President
3M Visual Systems Division
3M Austin Center
Building A130-5N-61
6801 River Place Boulevard
Austin, TX 78726-9000
(512) 984-7100

3M Visual SystemsNovember 11, 1998

Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure

To whom it may concern:

Achieving Year 2000 readiness is one of 3M's highest priorities. We are pleased to respond to your inquiry because, like you, 3M's goal is to maintain uninterrupted operations with our customers and suppliers into the next century.

For your information, the following 3M Visual Systems Division products that process or store date information use a four digit year and are known to be Year 2000 compliant:

1. Advanced Meeting Solutions

a. 3M Dataconferencing Systems DCS3000 Series
b. 3M Videoconferencing Systems VCS3000 Series
c. 3M Ideaboard IB3000 Series

The following 3M Visual Systems Division products do not process or store date information and are known to be Year 2000 compliant.

1. Transparency Films and Papers

a. PPC
b. Inkjet
c. Thermal transfer
d. Color laser printer
e. Laser printer
f. Infrared

2. Overhead projectors and lamps

3. Electronic Presentation Systems

a. Multimedia projectors
b. Projection panels

4. Advanced Meeting Solutions

a. 3M Audioconferencing Systems ACS2000/3000 Series

5. Related and Accessory Products

3M's suppliers have provided us with documentation supporting these assertions. Therefore, we believe that all 3M Visual Systems Products are Year 2000 compliant.

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