Year 2000 issues as they apply to our products and services.
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Year 2000 Issues

What is this page for? What's with all the hype about January 1, 2000 and the "millennium bug?" At United Visual, we take year 2000 compliance (Y2K) very seriously, but we don't side with the doomsday fanatics that predict Armageddon will occur on the first day of next year. However, United Visual is committed to Y2K compliance. We have taken the necessary steps to assure there will be no interruption of our business and we have confirmed that as many products as possible offered on this site are certified as Y2K compliant. As part of this process we have obtained Year 2000 Readiness Disclosures from many of our vendors and with their permission we have made them available to you on our site.

Our Y2K compliance symbol
Watch for a smaller version of the Y2K compliance symbol that appears at the top of this web page throughout our site! Any product that has this Y2K checkmark symbol has been deemed Y2K compliant by the manufacturer. Also, if you click on the Y2K symbol on that page you will be presented with the appropriate Y2K Readiness Disclosure for that product which has been provided to us by its manufacturer.

What is the Y2K problem?
The Y2K problem arises from the inability of many computers and electronic systems to recognize the year 2000 and operate as intended when dealing with dates after January 1, 2000. The result can be a minor annoyance, or could result in the corruption or irretrievable loss of critical data and the shutdown of mission critical systems. Most computers, and computer software, introduced even as recently as 1997, are programmed to recognize only a 2-digit, rather than 4-digit year. For example they only store the year as "98" instead of "1998." Since people can think and reason, they won't have any difficulty realizing a check they receive next year dated 1/10/00 was written in January of 2000. However, a computer may think that check was written January of 1900 because it was never programmed to know how to interpret it correctly, and it can't use common sense since it doesn't have the ability to think. Therefore, computer software may automatically generate late payment notices, or even cancel insurance policies because it thinks the last activity on the account was 100 years ago.

Year 2000 Readiness Disclosures & Compliance Statements
Below you can access Y2K compliance statements from some of our vendors and an abreviated version of our own Y2K disclosure.

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Year 2000 issues as they apply to our products and services.