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After replacing the lamp in my Sharp projector the lamp light still indicates it needs replacement and the new lamp won't light?


Most Sharp projectors require you to perform a reset procedure once you have installed a new lamp. This resets the lamp hour counter so it properly keeps track of the lamp hours for the new lamp. To insure the lamp hour counter will be correct, Sharp built-in a function to disable the lamp until this counter has been reset. The reset procedure can be found in the owner's manual on most models. If you have misplaced the manual or the reset procedure is not in it, contact us and we will e-mail you the procedure. Note: If you have performed the procedure and it doesn't seem to have worked, don't give up yet. On some models, the reset procedure sometimes needs to be preformed several times before it works. No one seems to know why, so just be persistent.

PDF for the Sharp XGE 1200, XGE 3000 & 3500 which includes the reset procedure.


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