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Image too bright to read clearly on Sony VPL-SC50/XC50/SC60 projector

Sony VPLSC50, VPLXC50, VPLSC60If your data projection using your Sony VPL-SC50 or VPL-XC50 is much too bright or intense to read clearly, please read on before you try adjusting the brightness and contrast! If you already tried the brightness and contrast, don't worry, you will just have to adjust them again once you have properly solved the problem.

There is a poorly documented and poorly located (in our opinion) switch on the bottom of these Sony projectors. The switch is marked 75ohm, ON/OFF, and is located just below the serial number plate. Make sure this switch is in the "ON" position.

This is a termination switch for the 15-pin RGB input. We feel this is a poor location for the switch since it should be near the connector it controls, plus it can inadvertently be switched into the wrong position by sliding the projector across some types of surfaces.

When this switch is in the "OFF" position, the input isn't terminated. An un-terminated input will result in a higher level signal than is correct and the overdriven circuitry will cause your display to be too intensely bright. Now, normally in projection, bright is good, but this will be so bright it will cause colors and letters to bleed together and become unreadable.

If you are even able to locate this switch in the operating instructions for the projector, you will discover a poorly worded description that tells you "Normally set to ON. Set it to OFF when the projector is connected to a computer or monitor." We have to assume this confusing phrase is the result of an incorrect translation from Japanese to English. This incorrectly tells you to put the switch to OFF when using a computer. Don't believe it!

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