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Video and data projection

Scrambled or unstable picture

Possible Solutions:

  1. If you are using a laptop computer, try turning off the internal display on your computer. Some equipment combinations will not work with simultaneous display of your laptop display and the projector or panel. (Consult your manual for the proper way to do thisóClick here for a direct link to our chart of commands for many laptops)

  2. Be sure your computer is set to the proper resolution for the projector or panel you are using. Newer projectors can support resolutions of 800x600 or even 1024x768, but many older projectors can only display 640x480 resolution. Most newer laptops are set from the manufacturer to 800x600 because of the new bigger displays. To check the resolution you are set with check the manual for your computer or operating system. (For example: under Windows 95/98 right click on the desktop and select Properties. Then click on the Settings tab and check out the setting under Desktop Area.)

  3. The refresh rate may need to be changed on your computer. Many of the latest laptops use graphic adapter hardware that is capable of producing an output at various refresh rates. You should try any other refresh rate available but it is best to start as close to 60Hz as possible to be compatible with the largest number of projectors. If you are using Windows 95, the refresh rate is sometimes located on a tab under Display Properties. (To get to the Display Properties under Windows 95, right click on the desktop and select Properties.) Under Windows 98 go to the Settings tab and click the Advanced button once you have reached the Display Properties tab.

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