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Slide projectors

Mysterious advancing

Houdini returns as a slide projectorProblem: My projector advances all by itself sometimes, or advances too many slides during a tape synchronized presentation.

Solution 1: You may be using a model which has an automatic timer and have turned it on inadvertently. On newer Kodak projectors the timer is a sliding switch near the power switch. On older Kodak projectors, the timer is a plastic sliding lever on the rear of the machine below the Kodak nameplate.

Solution 2: If you have an older model projector, it is quite possible a part called the timing disc may have torn. This will cause the projector to advance at regular intervals even with the timer turned off. Having this repaired can be quite expensive if the part is even still available. However, it is very simple for an authorized service center, like United Visual, to disable the timer and restore normal operation. (Except for the timer, of course.)

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