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Wireless mouse

My wireless mouse won't control my computer's mouse pointer

Possible solutions:

  1. Are all the needed cables connected? You must be sure to connect the mouse cable to your computer's serial port or mouse bus port. There is either a separate cable that comes from your panel or projector, or there is some type of receiving device with a cable. A lot of people wrongly assume that hooking up the cable for the screen image is enough to connect the mouse. It isn't. The mouse connection is an additional hook-up.

  2. Connect the mouse before turning on your computer. Regardless of whether you are a Mac user, or are using a serial or PS/2 style mouse on your PC, it is best to connect thA wireless mouse provides greater freedom during any presentation.e mouse cables before you power on your computer. Yes, there are situations where you can safely connect a mouse after the computer is already on and it will be detected. However, there are more situations where it can cause damage and/or the computer will not detect the mouse so it won't operate. Why take the chance? If you must know more details, a PS/2 bus mouse will never work unless it is connected before the computer is turned on. Some mouse drivers will detect a serial mouse automatically while the computer is on, others require that you manually tell the driver to search for a new serial mouse. If you connect or disconnect any mouse on a poorly designed mouse or serial port, damage can occur to the computer. Most, but not all, computers have some protection against this, but why put it to the test?

  3. Mouse adapters. If the mouse connection to your computer was 9-pin serial type, and you are using an adapter (so you can use a PS/2—round—type mouse connector), be sure you used only the adapter that came with the projector, panel or wireless mouse. If you attempt to use an adapter from some other mouse or device, it probably will not work. Either use the original adapter, or use the 9-pin serial port on your computer. If you never had an adapter, don't waste you money buying one, it won't work.

  4. Confusing hookups. Some projectors, such as the Sharp XG-NV2 and XG-NV3, have two mouse connectors. This provides the ability to connect and control two different mice, corresponding to two different computer inputs. Unfortunately, this feature can be a source for confusion when using only one computer source with the projector, due to the location of the inputs. You must be sure to use mouse connector #1 when using computer input #1 or your mouse won't work. Furthermore, you must make sure to select that input on the remote to activate the mouse port.

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