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Do scan converters work?

Can I use a scan converter to view computer images on my television?

Be very careful about these products. While it is true they will do what they claim, you will not be able to read text very clearly on most televisions. Televisions with S-video (or SVHS) inputs are more likely to give you an acceptable picture, but don't expect crisp images in any case. Older televisions are designed with a maximum resolution of about 300 lines, and even S-video models will have resolutions of only about 400 lines. Since most computer resolutions start at 640 x 480, even the lowest resolution systems require 480 lines for a sharp display. If you want to show an image at 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 resolution, you can see there's an even bigger problem. Scan converters work best when you are displaying images, not computer text.

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