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Need to know more than the product specifications? Want to make your own product comparisons? Industry terminology new to you?

Or do you have specific questions about getting the most from the equipment you have? If you don't find the answer hereyou can Ask a Tech.

Index of Subjects
  Audio Equipment Roll Laminators
  Control Systems Screens
  Digital Connection Standards Slide Projectors
  Digital Television & HDTV VCR
  DVD Videoconferencing
  Furniture Video & Data Projection
  Overhead Projectors Video Cameras & Camcorders
  Plasma Displays Video Monitors & Televisions
  Remote & Wireless Mouse  

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Video and data projection
      How to choose a video or data projector
      Which should I start up first? My laptop or the projector?
      Why won't my laptop send a signal to the projector?
      Scrambled or unstable picture
      My LCD projector won't power up
      LCD projector dust filters
      What you should know about third party power supplies
      Colored dots on the image
      There is no image from my overhead and LCD panel
      Compressed XGA instead of true SVGA w/laptop set for SVGA
      Why manufacturers specify scan rates instead of just resolutions
      Image too bright to read clearly on Sony VPL-SC50/XC50/SC60
      No image from computer with Sony VPL-SC50/XC50/SC60
      SXGA and 16:9 aspect ratio and projector screens
      Why won't our iMacs work with our LCD projectors?
      Problems with replacing the lamp in a Sharp projector.
      Problem with a symmetrical yellow (or other color) area appearing
        in the center of the image of my projector.
      Deleting "Freeze" from on screen display on Panasonic Projectors
      What is the life expectancy of an LCD projector?
      How can I get closed captioning subtitles to appear when using
        my projector, plasma or LCD monitor?
      My Sharp XGMB70X projector won't turn on and none of the buttons
        work. What's wrong?

Plasma Displays
      An overview of gas plasma displays
      How does a plasma display work?
Digital Television (DTV) & HDTV
      Seeing is Believing: an overview of DTV
      What is DTV?
      What are the DTV formats?
      What is interlaced and progressive scanning?
      What is Dolby Digital?
      How long will the transition from analog to DTV take?
      Digital-ready already?
      Will I be able to watch DTV broadcasts on my "old style" TV?
      What is simulcasting?
      When will the new DTV products be available?
      What can I do with my analog TV when analog broadcasts stop?
      What about digital signals from cable?
      Why is the playback of my DVD split into two side-by-side B&W images?

Remote control and wireless mouse problems
      My wireless mouse won't control my computer's mouse pointer.
      I can't access Menu functions on Sharp projector
      Going back a slide using a wireless mouse and MS PowerPoint®
      Use of Mouse adapters
      How to choose a video recorder or player
      Picture loss, noise, snow or blue screen instead of an image
      Tapes ejected when record button is pressed
      My VCR won't accept tapes. They go in and pop right back out!
      Why doesn't the counter work on new tapes but still works
        on old tapes and prerecorded tapes?
      Can a damaged video tape be repaired?
Video monitors & Televisions
      How to choose a monitor
      Can I use a scan converter to view computer images on my TV?
      There is no sound, or low volume on some programs or channels
      Intermittently a black box covers most of the screen
      Closed captions got you baffled?
      Why manufacturers specify scan rates instead of just resolutions
      Why is the playback of my DVD split into two side-by-side B&W images?

Video Cameras and Camcorders
      How to choose a camera or camcorder
      How to care for rechargeable batteries
      My camcorder won't run on battery power
      Winter...summer, and my camcorder's batteries. (Cold battery)
      Can a damaged video tape be repaired?
      I get intermittent or no sound when I make recordings
      There is a scraping or rubbing sound when the tapes is running

      How to choose videoconferencing equipment
      Tips for running a successful videoconference
      Distance learning: background for educators
      Distance learning: an academic perspective
Slide Projectors
      How to choose a slide projector
      Failing to reverse
      Frequent jams
      Mysterious advancing
      What causes early projection lamp failure?
      Auto-focus doesn't work
      Auto-focus runs wild
Overhead Projectors
      How to choose an overhead projector
      Lamp instantly burns out
      Dim images
      Blurry, unreadable images
      Partial images on a Dukane and In Focus portables
      What causes early projection lamp failure?
      The power button on my 3M 1800 series won't stay in the 'ON' position
      My new Elmo HPL3600 is blowing out lamps immediately
Roll Laminators
      Why you should appoint only one operator
      A quick trick for preventing jams
      Fixing jams
Audio equipment
      Loud hum or roar when playing a cassette tape
      How to choose audio equipment
      How to choose a screen
      How to buy the right size screen

      How to remove marks from a screen fabric

Control Systems
      How to choose a control system
Digital Connection Standards
      Digital interfaces
      How to choose furniture for use with media