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Scraping or rubbing sound heard from camcorder when tape is running

Possible causes

  1. Try several different tapes, different brands if possible. If the noise only occurs on one tape, or a couple tapes, just throw those tapes away or have someone try to repair them. Videocassettes have a lot of small plastic parts inside and they do break quite easily if dropped. Heat can also cause the plastic reels inside to warp and scrape when running. If you find that all the tapes of one brand cause problems, you may need to contact the tape manufacturer or the company that makes your camcorder and find out if this is a common problem on your model camcorder. The size and shape of videocassettes is standardized but their are some slight variations that can cause problems on some units. This is not a frequent occurrence, but it does happen.

  2. Try applying slight pressure to the cassette door on your camcorder, while it is running, as if you are trying to close it further. If the scraping sound goes away see if this scenario sounds familiar: "The last time I used my camcorder the tape didn't want to come out. I was lucky though, I carefully pried the door open with a...(Fill in the blank - e.g. butterknife, screwdriver, crowbar, jackhammer, etc.)...and saved the tape." If this rings a bell, or you think it could have happened when you weren't looking, we may have found the problem. The cassette loading mechanism on today's camcorders are so lightweight that even the slightest amount of prying on the door will deform the cassette basket and prevent the tape from seating properly. If the cassette isn't seated properly, it will make a scraping noise. You may also notice the door doesn't seem to close quite as far as it used to. Unfortunately, the only thing you can do is bring the unit to a reputable service center, like United Visual, and have it repaired. Be sure to confess to what was done and mention that the cassette basket may be bent. On most camcorders the part isn't very expensive or hard to replace, but expect a bill near $100.


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