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Lamp burns out instantly

United is a premier supplier of audio/visual equipment including overhead projectors from 3M, Elmo, Dukane, Da-Lite, Eiki, Buhl & ApolloIf you replace a lamp that has burned out in your overhead and the new one flashes and goes out instantly STOP RIGHT NOW! Don't put another lamp in the unit until you check a few things. If you are lucky the lamp just wasn't pushed all the way into the socket and it popped loose. If you aren't so lucky you will find that the pins on the lamp are blackened or burned, which means you will need to have the lamp socket replaced in your projector. If you find that the wire filament is laying loose in the lamp, you should have your projector checked by a service center. There is a possibility that a component in the unit has shorted and every lamp you install will burn out instantly. (It is also possible that your new lamp was defective, but do you want to lose another lamp just to find out?)

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