Epson PowerLite
Pro G5350NL

Precision control and a low cost of ownership.  Epson PowerLite Pro G5350NL offers the perfect solution for any auditorium, classroom or boardroom. With 5000 lumens and XGA resolution, this powerful, network-ready performer ensures amazing presentations.

- Closed captioning
- HDMI digital port
- Centered lens design
- Horizontal/vertical lens shift

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United Visual AV Insider - September 2009

Table of Contents:
1. NEC Display Releases WXGA Install Projector for Large Venues
2. Shure X2u XLR-to-USB Signal Adapter is now Shipping
3. Extron Introduces 3 New Multi-Channel XTRA™ Series Amplifiers
4. Chief Custom FUSION Mounts Are a Green Solution
5. ELMO Substantially Raises The Bar With New TT-02RX
6. This Just In!  Extron TouchLink™ Now Shipping!
7. Denon Expands Its Blu-Ray Line With Two New Players!
8. New JELCO Executive Leather Wheeled Compact Projector Case
9. SMART releases Mac version of SMART Notebook SE


1.  NEC Display Releases WXGA Install Projector for Large Venues.

NEC recently announced the NP4100W wide-aspect professional installation projector, which is designed for the most demanding integration projects.  This powerful NP Installation Series model is intended to meet the needs of those users who require exceptionally bright light output for large, wide-format screens, in venues and areas with high ambient light.

The NP4100W has the ability to display a high level of brightness at 5500 ANSI lumens, making it appropriate for larger than average screen sizes and rooms with minimal lighting control such as auditoriums, training and network centers.  The DLP light engine ensures great contrast and fast video response times, thereby creating incomparable image quality.

To provide maximum flexibility when installing, the NP4100W utilizes optional bayonet style lenses (5) for quick and easy exchange.  The array of optional lenses supports screen sizes from 40- to 500-inches at projection distances between 2.8 ft. and 304 ft.  The NP4100W is compatible as either dual- or single-lamp operation, which provides redundancy in the event that one lamp fails.  It features selectable settings, which allow for multiple light outputs to extend lamp life.  The vertical and horizontal lens shift feature allows flexible projector placement to suit a variety of installation locations in a room.  An optional six-segment color wheel is available for applications requiring extremely rich color saturation.

The abundance of advanced features on the NP4100W allow it to run in 24x7 heavy usage conditions and allow easy remote management.  Only NEC's Digital Cinema projectors are brighter than the NP4100 and NP4100W.  The NP4100W combines advanced features that extend the life of the projector and minimize maintenance needs.  ECO Mode™ technology increases lamp life by up to 50 percent for 3000 hour lamp life and decreases fan noise, while the Quick Power Off technology protects the lamp during cool down.  Its sealed dust-resistant optical system enables better picture quality and reduces maintenance.  This enables the NP4100W to deliver crisp, distortion-free images throughout its lifecycle, even while enduring the rigors of 24/7 applications.

Security features prevent unwanted tampering, including the ability to deactivate buttons on the cabinet to prevent unwanted changes and a password protection mode that restricts unauthorized use, both especially useful in educational settings.

A partial list of features of the NP4100W includes:

  • 1280 x 800 native resolution (16:10 aspect ratio)
  • 2100:1 contrast ratio
  • 5500 ANSI lumen brightness
  • Power consumption of 315W with single lamp
  • 580W with dual lamp in ECO Mode.
  • Maximum power consumption is 710 watts
  • BrilliantColor™
  • AutoSense™
  • DynamicBlack™
  • Optional 6-segment color wheel
  • Comprehensive input panel
  • Integrated RJ45 connection
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Variety of bayonet-style lenses
The NP4100W is now shipping. The projector ships with a standard three-year parts and labor warranty, including the first year with InstaCare™ (repair and return in three business days or next business day exchange).  Contact your United Visual account manager for more information or to set up a demo of the NEC NP4100W.


2.  Shure X2u XLR-to-USB Signal Adapter is now Shipping.

Shure Incorporated recently announced that the Shure X2u XLR-to-USB Signal Adapter is now shipping and is available by itself or in bundles with either the SM57 or SM58 microphones.

Over the past several years, more and more musicians, both professional and amateur, have taken recording into their own hands at home, on the road, in their bedroom, basement, tour bus or wherever!  With this new product, the legendary heritage of Shure microphones is now available to every level of performer and home recording artist as the proliferation of digital recording continues.

The X2u Adapter is a modular accessory that connects any XLR microphone to a computer to create better-than-CD quality recordings.  As home recording flourishes, the X2u redefines what musicians and podcasters can do in their homes and on the go.  The X2u mimics the sleek, beautiful design of Shure’s iconic SM57 and SM58 microphones and can be used unobtrusively for live and in-studio recording.

The X2u’s unique features include:

  • USB "Plug and Play" Connectivity: Enables the convenience of digital recording, anywhere your computer can go (compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2000, and Mac OS X 10.1 or above).
  • Integrated pre-amp with Microphone Gain Control: Allows precise control of input signal level to prevent overload of the analog-to-digital converter.
  • Zero Latency Monitoring: Enables real-time playback and facilitates multi-tracking with no disorientating echo.
  • Headphone Jack: For monitoring with standard 1/8” connectivity.
  • Monitor Mix Control: For blending microphone and playback audio.
  • 48-volt Phantom Power: For compatibility with all condenser microphones.

To learn about pricing on these products connect with your United Visual representative or visit our website. Login to view your special pricing.


3.  Extron Introduces Three New Multi-Channel XTRA™ Series Amplifiers.

Extron Electronics recently announced three new additions to the XTRA Series of audio power amplifiers.  These high-powered amplifiers offer 200 watts rms per channel and up to 800 watts rms total power output.  XTRA Series amplifiers are designed to meet ENERGY STAR requirements to conserve energy and reduce costs.  They feature an Extron exclusive, highly efficient, advanced Class D design with patented CDRS™ - Class D Ripple Suppression technology that eliminates EMI emissions while dramatically improving audio performance.  With a compact 1U, full rack width enclosure, they are ideal for installation in racks and lecterns, and do not require fans for cooling.  These new XTRA Series amplifiers include the XPA 2002-70V, a two-channel model for 70 volt high impedance speaker systems, the XPA 2004, a four-channel model for 4 ohm or 8 ohm speakers, and the XPA 2003C-70V, a three-channel amplifier that offers two channels for 4 ohm or 8 ohm speakers, plus a third channel for 70 volt high impedance speaker systems.

This expands Extron’s XTRA Series with new, high-powered models designed for large-scale A/V integration projects with substantial power requirements.  The unique XPA 2003C-70V offers what many of United Visual customers have been looking for: a single product to provide amplification for both voice and program audio applications.  The XPA 2003C-70V delivers with a 200 watt per channel stereo amplifier and a 200 watt 70 volt amplifier in a space efficient, 1U enclosure.

The new XTRA Series power amplifiers consume just 30 watts when idle and less than one watt in standby mode.  They enter into standby automatically after one hour of inactivity, or when the standby port is triggered, and turn on instantly whenever an input signal is sensed.


4.  Chief Custom FUSION Mounts Are a Green Solution.

Now you can order the installer-inspired FUSION mounts with a custom interface or as a kit with a power filter.

Chief Manufacturing announced the installer-inspired FUSION low-profile, universal mounting system is now available as a custom mounting solution.  The custom FUSION fixed and tilt mounts will ship with hardware kits that are designed for each specific TV model, without any excess hardware to throw away!  The new solution is more environmentally friendly with less waste, and is faster to install because you get exactly what you need to install your TV.  The custom mounts will begin shipping soon.  FUSION mounts focus on usability and speed of installation with innovative features like post-installation height, leveling and lateral shift.

Chief also announced that the FUSION mounts are now available as kits, shipping with the PACPC1 flat panel power filter.  The new kit is a complete solution, providing noise filtering and surge protection up to 1890 joules.

Make sure to check out the extra-large FUSION fixed and tilt mounts, now shipping.  Be green and save some green by calling your United Visual representative for more information and pricing.


5.  ELMO Substantially Raises The Bar For Affordable Classroom Document Cameras With New TT-02RX.

Compact and Lightweight, the TT-02 "RX" Model Is A Full-Featured Teaching Tool!

ELMO USA Corporation is proud to announce the release of the TT-02RX, a fourth generation model representing the exceptionally popular "Teacher’s Tool" line of document cameras.  Quality has been at the core of ELMO USA document cameras.  The new TT-02RX model capitalizes on this strength by featuring technologies found in the higher echelon of document cameras - all at an attractive price point for schools and educational institutions.

The TT-02RX includes the latest Sony® 1.39 megapixel CMOS chip that captures and displays full-motion video at 30 frames per second.  It also offers the choice of XGA, SXGA or WXGA outputs by merely flipping a switch.  Teachers and students will appreciate the TT-02RX’s enhanced 5.2x optical zoom.  This, along with 8x digital zoom, renders crisp, clear images up to 41.6x of magnification.

Additional TT-02RX features include a logically designed control panel, user-friendly remote control, and an entirely new version of ELMO USA’s Image Mate® software with expanded capabilities.  Through the unit’s USB interface, Image Mate® software enables users to connect via PC to capture, monitor, edit and store still images and video with audio.  A suite of annotation tools also enables teachers to create their presentations and add-in effects for greater visual impact.

When it comes to classroom technology, today’s students – who grow up with HD television and other advanced imaging systems – have come to expect high image quality and greater visual immediacy as part of their interactive classroom experience.  The TT-02RX enables a teacher to easily and quickly incorporate an exceptional visual presentation that will help keep students engaged and on task, as well as promote greater learning comprehension and retention.  Be a good student, and learn more about this product by giving your United Visual representative a call.


6.  This Just In!  Extron TouchLink™ Now Shipping!

We brought information on this product to you last month, and now Extron Electronics is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the first two Extron TouchLink™ touchpanel models: The TLP 700MV 7" Wall Mount Touchpanel and TLP 700TV 7" Tabletop Touchpanel.  The IPL 250, a new control processor designed for use in TouchLink systems, is also now shipping.  TouchLink is the first fully configuration-based control system with the power to handle the control needs of single display rooms, dual display rooms, divisible rooms, multi-image systems, and video conference suites.

Building on the success of our MediaLink® line of configurable controllers, Extron's introduction of TouchLink takes A/V system control to the next level.


7.  Denon Expands Its Blu-Ray Line With Two New Players!

New Profile 2.0 Players, Featuring Onboard Ethernet Ports, Multiple Format Playback and More, Debut at Significantly More Affordable Prices.

Denon Electronics, one of the world’s premier manufacturers of high-quality home entertainment components, recenty introduced two high-performance Blu-ray products, each designed to make the benefits of high-definition video and audio more available and affordable.  The company’s new Blu-ray offerings include two Profile 2.0 Blu-ray players, the DBP-2010CI and DBP-1610CI.

Denon’s new Models DBP-2010CI and DBP-1610CI are both geared for use in today’s most advanced integrated home entertainment systems.  Among their innovative interactivity features, both include built-in BD Live and Bonus View functionality.  For easy connectivity to both a host of current-day and future entertainment enhancements, the new models both feature onboard Ethernet port that allows for Internet connectivity for BD Live and firmware updates.  Adding to their video handling capabilities, both models offer DivxHD playback and support AVCHD playback from BD discs made from HD camcorders.

Both players offer you more affordable options for enjoying the benefits of a true high-definition video and audio experience.  Their highly rigid chassis and center-drive mechanisms ensure total reliability and optimum performance at all times.  For ultimate image quality, the DBP-2010CI features leading-edge ABT (Anchor Bay Technologies) VRS processing for the highest-resolution video available via HDMI connection, with upconversion and IP scaling to 1080p/24, as well as high-definition audio decoding and multi-cadence i/p detection.  Both players feature remote in/out connection for custom installation convenience, and the DBP-201CI adds RS232C connection capability for third-party system control as well.  HDMI, Component Video, Composite Video and analog audio connectors add to the total flexibility of both players, in addition to their Ethernet connection for BD Live capability.

Like Denon’s previous Blu-ray players, both new models allow owners of advanced A/V receivers to add Blu-ray capability to their system and enjoy high definition video.  Both players will natively output an HD audio bit-stream to a connected receiver via HDMI.  Once this signal is accepted in the receiver, it can then be decoded into its native format including Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio.  For those listeners who want to use their Blu-ray player as a step-up CD player, both units feature a dedicated 2-channel analog audio output, equipped with high-class Burr-Brown D/A converters and superior analog components to ensure the high level of sound quality for which Denon is renowned.

Combine great performance and great value with Denon and United Visual!


8.  The JELCO Executive Leather Wheeled Case Once Again Sets The Standard For Compact Projector Cases.

Designed to meet U.S. airline carry-on regulations, this stylish genuine leather case protects most notebook-sized projectors and laptop computers including those with 16" LCD screens.

Rigid ABS plastic in the walls and high-density foam around the projector and laptop cushion impacts and absorb shocks.  Three separate compartments: one for your projector, one for laptop computer and one for files and extra accessories.

Hook and loop straps secure both the projector and laptop in their own compartments.  A zippered compartment on back of case is included for airline tickets.

The comfort grip, 5-section handle locks at 39" or 44" heights.  Its corner mounted in-line skate wheels with self-lubricating bearings give you silent, tip free rolling.

Choose between the removable, curved non-slip shoulder strap or the padded carry handle when needed.  Corner mounted front legs allow for stability when parked in a vertical position.

This case comes with Limited Lifetime Warranty.


9.  SMART releases Mac version of SMART Notebook SE

Software helps students create, share and manage digital files.

SMART Technologies has announced the release of the Mac version of SMART Notebook SE (Student Edition) software.  SMART Notebook SE Mac was created specifically to meet the needs of tech-savvy students by providing them with a learning tool that complements the way they think and organize.  The student edition is compatible with the Mac version of SMART Notebook software, which many K–12 teachers use as their primary lesson creation and delivery application.  The Windows software was released in October 2008 and made available on a convenient 2 GB USB silicon bracelet in December 2008.  The SMART Notebook SE bracelet makes it easy for students to access any computer, complete assignments and save work to a single, portable USB key.  A Mac version of the SMART Notebook SE bracelet will be available in fall 2009.

SMART Notebook remains one of the most popular collaborative learning software applications in the world, with more than 25 million classroom users in more than 175 countries worldwide.  Of these, approximately 15 percent operate on the Mac platform.  SMART Notebook SE Mac helps students in classrooms with Mac computers keep track of assignments, complete homework, review notes and transfer files.  As more school districts introduce Mac products into their classrooms, the Mac version of SMART Notebook software and SMART Notebook SE Mac will together facilitate greater interaction between teachers and students and between students and their peers.  The software is available in English, French, German and Spanish.  The SMART Notebook SE Mac bracelet adds an additional level of usability and portability to the student software by enabling students to access homework, digital texts, multimedia and other important information from any school, library or home computer.  The software also runs automatically from the bracelet, so there is no need to download or install it.  As such, it is ideal for students who use several computers each day to complete school work, or who do not have a dedicated computer.

Today’s digital natives learn very differently than the generations of students before them and require software that address their educational needs and which function on both Mac and Windows operating systems.  Creating a Mac version of SMART Notebook SE enables students to create and organize digital material in a flexible way that encourages learning and is based on their unique needs.

If you are interested in purchasing SMART Notebook SE give us a call.  United Visual is an authorized SMART Technologies reseller in Illinois and Wisconsin.



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