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United Visual AV Insider - May 2008

Table of Contents:
1. Draper Screens - Install the Case Now and The Screen Later.
2. Engage Your Students with the SMART Document Camera.
3. AMX - Providing True Digital Signal.
4. Sharp's Notevison XR-40X is Built to Handle It All.
5. Chief Introduces Industry's Thinnest Flat Panel TV Mount.
6. Epson Announces the New Powerlite Pro Series.
7. Crestron Introduces New Cameo Keypad Controllers.
8. Brilliant Color from Mitsubishi!
9. ClearOne Ships New Automatic Digital Mixer.
10. The Sony VPL-CX155 Projector is Ideal for Mid-sized Conference Rooms & Classrooms.


1.  Draper Screens - Install the Case Now and The Screen Later.

Life is a bit easier for everyone when your recessed electric screen can be installed while the ceiling of your soon to be brand new conference room is open for construction.  It helps to keep costs down, because access is easier.  With Draper's ACCESS series (the name makes sense now doesn't it), your screen installation is easier and more cost effective.  The ACCESS series eliminates your installation problems.  Install the case now, and the screen later.  No other projection screen offers you these benefits.  The ACCESS series screens feature ceiling trim flange, prewired junction box, and movable brackets.  The Extruded aluminum case is plenum rated and UL approved for use in environmental air space.

United Visual has incorporated the ACCESS series screen because the motor-in-roller assures quiet and smooth operation.  With control options, it can be operated from any remote location.  Depending on the viewing surface, The ACCESS screens are available in sizes through 12' x 12' and 200" NTSC.  The ACCESS series screens are warranted for one year against defects in materials and workmanship.  Custom sizes are also available.


2.  Engage Your Students with the SMART Document Camera.

Imagine the convenience of viewing a science experiment in real time with your class, or displaying a book on your SMART Board interactive whiteboard as you highlight key sections.  With the new SMART Document Camera, you can do all that and more.

Instantly display real-time images of any static or moving object onto an interactive whiteboard for your entire class to see.  You can also capture images with Notebook collaborative learning software and use them to create interactive lessons.

The SMART Document Camera is an amazing, yet simple, teaching tool that can help you turn your classroom into a spontaneous and dynamic learning environment.

Instantly create and share digital content.
Share images with your entire class using an interactive whiteboard or projection screen. Simply place an object on the camera's presentation stage or use the rotating arm to capture an image anywhere in the room. You can even precisely line up the camera to a microscope eyepiece without using an adaptor.

Easily add interactivity to lessons.
Transform images into interactive content for your lessons using Notebook software. The document camera comes with the latest version, Notebook software 10, which enables you to control the camera, capture images directly onto a Notebook page and write over them in digital ink.

Quickly install it in any classroom.
The SMART document camera is easy to install and simple to use - just plug it into a computer or other display device. Unlike a traditional overhead projector, the document camera uses a high-resolution video camera to display images, and it doesn't require transparencies or messy markers.

Display sharp, detailed images.
By combining 5.2x optical and 8.0x digital zoom, the SMART Document Camera displays images that are sharp and vivid. Quickly direct learning by zooming in to show even the smallest details. You can also automatically focus your images and adjust the brightness for varying light levels.

Our United Visual representatives specialize in the field of education. Our expertise on technology in the classroom is second to none. Please call us to discuss how we can assist in incorporating technology that will benefit your students.


3.  AMX - Providing True Digital Signal.

AMX has expanded its AutoPatch® mix-and-match matrix switcher line - the Optima® Series - with the addition of a new 8x8 DVI board. The board routes and distributes eight, high-resolution computer DVI signals to eight displays - all while maintaining a true, digital signal.  It supports resolutions up to 1920x1200 and includes features that simplify the complexity of DVI integration, such as cable equalization, signal reclocking and a new EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) Programmer.

The Optima 8x8 DVI Board supports cable distances up to 100 feet and beyond - well above the industry average of 15 feet - through AMX's unique combination of cable equalization and signal reclocking.  Cable equalization on each input rids the signal of artifacts, often called "skin effects", which result from long-distance cable transmissions.  CDR (Clock Data Recovery), also known as reclocking, on each output regenerates or "squares" the signal, restoring it to its original specification and compensating for any "rounding", which can also result in star effects and unwanted visual artifacts.

Each input on the Optima DVI Board includes 12-preset EDID settings for today's most popular display devices.  EDID standardizes communication between a source device and display to ensure that video is shown correctly.  Without EDID information, source devices are often unable to produce a signal, thus it is critical for signal distribution equipment, such as matrix switchers, to include this information.

Optima Matrix Switchers are designed with a platform base on which more than 15 signal types can be stacked.  It can easily handle the signal diversity of an entire installation, replacing multiple small routers.  The switchers are ideal for any mid-range routing application, including sports bars, meeting rooms, education and government facilities.

The Optima 8x8 DVI Board can be mixed with other Optima Board options - including RGBHV, composite, S-Video, component, SD-SDI and HD-SDI, as well as analog and digital audio - in a 2RU or 3RU Optima Matrix Switcher Enclosure.  The Optima line supports multiple control options, such as AMX NetLinx, RS-232, TCP/IP, front panel and other third party control systems.  For more information about technology solutions from AMX, please call your United Visual sales representative.


4.  Sharp's Notevison XR-40X is Built to Handle It All.

Built to handle most any business, education or cinema requirement, the Sharp Notevision® XR-40X provides 2600 ANSI Lumens with XGA native resolution and 2200:1 contrast ratio.  Its HDCP compliant DVI-D input ensures virtually noise-free images from digital sources, while the DLP® display technology delivers superior color quality, brightness and reliability.  Ultra-quiet cooling fans along with a new high efficiency lamp make the projector an ideal choice for our United Visual clients who need a projector for extended use.  And a full complement of inputs and outputs (including RGB-loop through, stereo variable audio line-output and RS-232C), means the compact and lightweight (6.4 lb.) projector is ideal not only for "portable" use but also for integration.  United Visual customers have been using Sharp products for years for the innovation and reliability Sharp always provides.  Call your United Visual representative for more information.


5.  Chief Introduces Industry's Thinnest Flat Panel TV Mount.

At less than the width of a penny, Chief's New ThinstallTM Series makes no compromise to maintain the low-profile of this year's ultra-thin flat panel TV revolution.  The new line of mounts incorporates exclusive design features from Chief, like Glide LockTM tool-less latching, to achieve faster installation in the field.

Designed as a one-piece custom mount, the new ThinstallTM Series includes other installer-friendly features such as sturdy steel construction, lateral shift, an open wall plate design for easy electrical placement and 175 lbs (79.5 kg) weight capacity.

The first mount offered in the Thinstall Series, PSMT2015, is designed for Hitachi's new 1.5 UltraThin HDTVs.  Complementing the ultra low-profile of this TV, the PSMT2015 has a depth of only 0.49", measuring in at one-third of the UltraThin flat panels it supports.

The Thinstall Series PSMT2015 began shipping on April 1st.  Other Thinstall models will be added to the line to support new thin flat panel TV models as they become available.  Be sure to touch base with your United Visual sales representative to learn more about the Thinstall mount.


6.  Epson Announces the New Powerlite Pro Series.

Epson, the number-one selling projector brand worldwide, today announced five new powerful and bright projectors offering advanced capabilities and industry-leading 3LCD technology to meet even the most demanding presentation needs in large auditoriums, university classrooms and conference rooms.  New to Epson's award-winning projector lineup are the Epson PowerLite 6110i and 1825 projectors and the introduction of the PowerLite Pro series with three new models: the Epson PowerLite Pro G5150NL, G5350NL and G5200WNL.

The PowerLite Pro G5150NL and G5350NL offer XGA resolution, as well as 4,000 and 5,000 lumens respectively (ISO 21118 standard).  The PowerLite Pro G5200WNL offers 4,200 lumens and delivers WXGA (1280 x 800) widescreen resolution.  The new PowerLite 6110i and 1825 projectors both offer XGA resolution and 3,500 lumens of brightness.  All five models feature Epson 3-chip 3LCD High Aperture panels for more intense and sharper images.  Epson is committed to delivering projectors with the newest technologies and "future-proof" networking capabilities.  As a result of that commitment, Epson is launching the PowerLite Pro Series.  This new class of projectors is built on a new concept platform with the latest projection technology, including improved reliability and flexibility.  The series is the perfect display solution for our clients in that they provide low total cost of ownership with minimal maintenance, and they are backed by two industry leaders, Epson and United Visual!


7.  Crestron Introduces New Cameo Keypad Controllers.

Crestron a leading manufacturer in control systems has introduced its new Cameo keypads, featuring exceptionally responsive user control and a dynamic new design.  The new Cameo design features new finishes, rounded buttons with enhanced tactile action, and auto-dimmable backlit engraving that looks amazing in any lighting condition.  Custom configurable button caps are provided in three sizes, enabling the choice of two to six individual buttons per keypad. Cameo keypads combine powerful control and modern elegance.

Simple yet flexible, each keypad is furnished with an assortment of engravable button caps in three different sizes to support a variety of physical layouts.  Their smoothly rounded shape and refined pushbutton action give each button press a positive feel with subtle surface relief for an excellent tactile response.  Each button can be configured to support up to three separate functions simply by tapping, double-tapping, or holding the button.

New high-quality backlit laser-engraving provides customizable button text that's easy to read under any lighting condition.  A built-in light sensor controls the backlight intensity automatically to achieve a crisp, legible appearance in both darkened and fully lit rooms.

The LED feed in the new Cameo can even function as a 'bar graph' so that the keypad displays a momentary six segment bar graph display indicating lighting levels and audio settings.  The LEDs can also generate nine different blink patterns that make programming easier and minimize network traffic.

In addition to wired Cresnet, new Cameo keypads are also available in an infiNETTM wireless version, eliminating the need for a dedicated control wire to each keypad.  The infiNETTM version mounts in a standard electrical box and is powered from any 120 Volt circuit, making it perfect for installation alongside ordinary light switches or Crestron infiNET wall box dimmers.

The Cameo is now available in new smooth and textured finishes color-matched with popular off-the-shelf Decora style faceplates.  The "smooth" finishes include Light Almond, Black, and White faceplates.  The "textured" finishes are Crestron's traditional almond, black, and white.  Talk to your United Visual representative about a Cameo!


8.  Brilliant Color from Mitsubishi!

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America's Presentation Products Division, known for its award-winning, high-quality presentation and display products, has announced its 500 family of projectors that boast Texas Instruments new DDP 2230 DMD chip with DLP® technology and the latest version of BrilliantColor.

This combination, along with Mitsubishi's implementation of its dynamic lamp power design, enhances and improves overall color performance while keeping the total cost of ownership low.  Additionally Mitsubishi is offering a generous one-year limited warranty on its lamp, making the Mitsubishi 500 family of projectors even more economical.

Mitsubishi's 500 series includes XGA (1024 x 768 pixels) projectors with its XD500U at 2200 lumens; XD510U at 2600 lumens; XD520U at 3000 lumens; and an SVGA (800 x 600) model, SD510U at 2200 lumens.  These new 500 family projectors are designed to perfectly match brightness requirements in boardrooms, offices, classrooms and other well-lit environments.  Each projector in the family has a six-segment color wheel (R, G, B, W, Y, C) that provides dazzling overall color, while its Color Enhancer2 with dynamic lamp power design is an intelligent system that automatically adjusts light output for the most vibrant color performance for any slide or video scene.

These filter-free projectors have a center lens design and convenient top-loading lamp, which makes installation and lamp replacement much easier.  Each projector in the 500 family provides separate audio inputs for computer and video, dual computer inputs and a monitor loop through to maximize set up and installation options, as well as RS232 for remote projector management.  A splash screen, password protection and reinforced anti-theft security bar help create peace of mind for our valued customers.

United Visual is committed to bringing the best projectors at the best value to our customers, not only at purchase time, but throughout the life of the projector.  The 500 family of projectors from Mitsubishi allows us to do just that!


9.  ClearOne Ships New Automatic Digital Mixer.

ClearOne the global provider of audio conferencing products, recently announced that it has begun shipping the Converge SR 1212, a digital audio processor and matrix mixer developed specifically for the professional audio market.  The Converge SR 1212 incorporates new features and proprietary audio processing technologies that automatically adapt to the acoustical environment of a room.  The addition of simplified configuration tools, enhanced management features and the ability to link multiple Converge SR 1212s together makes it a perfect choice for virtually any venue.

Features of the Converge SR 1212 include intelligent adaptive automatic microphone mixing, matrix mixing, links to other Converge Pro products via a low-latency audio network, advanced audio Digital Signal Processing (DSP), ethernet control and configuration, automated system diagnostic, and rapid configuration software.

United Visual's integration team is excited about ClearOne's SR 1212 because it is an easy to use configuration software package, allowing us to optimize audio performance faster than previously possible passing labor savings straight through to our clients.


10.  The Sony VPL-CX155 Projector is Ideal for Mid-sized Conference Rooms & Classrooms.

This new projector from Sony features native XGA resolution, 3500 lumens brightness and accepts a wide range of input signals, including both PC and video sources.  It is also installation flexible - can be floor - ceiling or rear-mounted and is exceptionally easy to maintain.  Lamp replacement and filter cleaning can be accomplished without uninstalling the projector!

Sony's 3LCD Panel System is projection system using three LCD Panels (also known as high-temperature poly-silicon or HTPS).  What does this mean?  Images projected with 3LCD are bright, natural, and gentle on the eyes.  High brightness and high contrast are two features on the VPL-CX155 you can not miss.  The VPL-CX155 adopts the 0.79-inch panel, and the newly developed 200W ultra high pressure lamp has higher efficiency by approx 13% than current models.  If you are looking for high resolution & high picture quality (and why wouldn't you be?) Look no further.  The VPL-CX155 adopts the newly developed large diameter ACF (Advanced Crisp Focus) lens which consists of all glass lenses.  This new lens provides high resolution crisp images with less aberration even in corners of the screen.  The VPL-CX155 accepts a wide variety of input signals including 2 RGB inputs, monitor out, variable audio out and RS232C for control.



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