With built-in RJ-45 LAN connectivity, Texas Instruments® BrilliantColorTM DLP® technology and 3000 ANSI Lumens brightness, the WXGA future-proof resolution Sharp PG-F320W is perfect for most any corporate, educational or house-of-worship setting.

Sharp PG-F320W Highlights:

- LAN RJ-45 Connection
- HDCP DVI-I Input
- 16:9 - 1280 x 800
- 3000 ANSI Lumens

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United Visual AV Insider - March 2008

Table of Contents:
1. Ensure reliable 24x7 operation with SHARP LCD displays
2. Not Just Another Pretty Mount - Peerless SmartMounts
3. The first rack-mountable ENERGY STAR amps from Extron
4. Shure is showing their "flexibility" with the new Microflex mics
5. TOA F Series Ceiling Speakers for Faster Installation
6. Mitsubishi LCD Digital Displays are Built for the Professional
7. Sony's new "larger-venue" business projectors
8. Take your presentation with you and make sure it's protected
9. Window in the conference room causing a problem?
10. Making Connections - DVI & HDMI


1.  Ensure reliable operation, even in 24x7 operation with SHARP LCD displays.

High-end, large screen display customers are finding a growing need for both portrait-mode and the traditional landscape applications, for use in diverse market settings such as medical imaging, digital signage, design and flight information display.  Sharp's 65-inch models - the PN-G655U for landscape mode applications and the PN-G655RU for portrait mode applications are designed for a variety of professional applications in both landscape and portrait.  Also joining the professional LCD monitor lineup are the PN-G655UP, PN-G655RUP and PN-525UP with an integrated protective acrylic overlay for high traffic areas.  Sharp has optimized the internal cooling and backlight system, making it ideal for use in portrait mode.  These new monitors round out a comprehensive line of professional displays and offer superior image quality and improved compatibility, for reliability in a wider range of commercial applications.

The PN-G655U/RU 65-inch monitors are designed for landscape operation (PN-G655U) and portrait operation (PN-G655RU). With a full 1920 x 1080 two-megapixel high-definition (HD) resolution and an impressive 2000:1 contrast ratio, the monitors offer accurate and precise image reproduction and a bright picture in virtually any lighting condition. With a rugged design and components, the monitors offer superior reliability for extended use applications. To show multiple types of content sources in high definition, the monitors utilize DFE (Dual-Fine Engine) technology, which provides superior display of both digital and analog sources so United Visual customers can display computer and video content flawlessly. The monitors also have a full complement of input and output connectors to show all types of content, from DVD to varying PC resolutions up through 1920 x 1080 native mode from both analog and digital (DVI-D) sources for all types of presentations.


2.  Not Just Another Pretty Mount - Peerless SmartMounts.

The SmartMount® Articulating Arm Series from Peerless is the ultimate expression of form meets function in a broad, versatile line.  The industry's first complete point-to-point cable management system delivers four internal cable management U-groove channels and caps for cable routing.  Each channel boasts one inch of cable storage space enabling easy management of A/V cables and even pro-cord bundles.  What does this mean to you?  It means that cables are kept virtually hidden from sight.  One of the compliments we hear frequently from our customers is how clean our installations are from start to finish.  This doesn't just mean we sweep up after we're done.  It also means that aesthetically our installations look clean and sleek ready for you to dazzle your client.  The Peerless SmartMounts are available in high-gloss colors to match today's TVs, every mount in the series features sturdy aluminum and steel construction to hold up to 200 lb. For more information on Peerless mounts contact your United Visual account manager.


3. Extron's HPA Series amplifiers are the first rack-mountable, ENERGY STAR qualified audio power amplifiers.

Extron's HPA 502 and HPA 1001-70V Half Rack Width Power Amplifiers are professional grade, highly efficient 100 watt amplifiers feature ENERGY STAR qualified designs to help meet green building requirements.  They feature a highly efficient Class D design with patented CDRS™ - Class D Ripple Suppression technology from Extron that nearly eliminates EMI emissions and interference with wireless A/V equipment.  The HPA 502 and HPA 1001-70V also deliver exceptional performance with more than 100 dB signal-to-noise ratio.  Some United Visual customers have lecterns with limited ventilation.  With a compact enclosure, these amplifiers are ideal for installation in those types of racks and lecterns.  These amps are convection cooled without the need for fans.  The HPA 502 is a two-channel model, which delivers 50 watts rms per channel into 4 or 8 ohms.  The HPA 1001-70V is a mono amplifier with 100 watts rms output for 70 volt distributed speaker systems.  Both amplifiers are ideal for classrooms, meeting rooms, boardrooms, and commercial environments.  Audio amplifiers are one of the largest power consumers in an A/V system.  Extron and United Visual are excited to lead the way with products designed for 'Green' A/V systems.  The HPA 502 and HPA 1001-70V consume just 8 watts when idle and less than one watt in standby mode.  The HPA 502 and HPA 1001-70V enter into standby after one hour of inactivity, or when the standby port is triggered, and turn on instantly whenever an input signal is sensed.  Additionally, both amplifiers are plenum-rated, allowing for a concealed installation above a drop ceiling to prevent theft while providing convenient placement of A/V equipment.


4.  Shure is showing their "flexibility" with their new Microflex microphones.

Shure Incorporated has announced the availability of new Microflex microphones.  Elegantly styled with a streamlined, low profile design ideally suited for boardroom, conferencing, and corporate applications, as well as anywhere else that unobtrusive integration is desired, each model in the product group provides versatile functionality, easy setup, and premium sound quality.  Occupying a starring role within the new product group, the low-profile MX395 boundary mic is unparalleled for use in installations where aesthetics are a top priority.  Omni, cardioid, and bi-directional polar patterns are offered on the mic, as is an optional logic-controlled, bi-color status indicator (black models only).  The MX690 Microflex® Wireless Boundary Microphone is the perfect solution for conference and meeting spaces where users demand flexibility and high performance.  These two mics combine sleek, low profile aesthetics.  Watch for the April newsletter when United Visual will present the new Shure Microflex gooseneck microphones.  All Microflex microphones include the highest standard of quality and efficiency for installed audio applications.  All models offer Shure CommShield™ Technology, which guards against unwanted radio interference from consumer wireless devices such as cell phones and PDA's.


5. TOA F Series Ceiling Speakers for Faster Installation.

TOA F Series Ceiling Speakers are ideal for music and paging applications such as audio/visual, business music or retail sound systems.  Key benefits include smooth off-axis coverage, versatile range of models, ease of installation, and what our customers always appreciate, competitive pricing.  A significant upgrade to their popular F Series ceiling speakers includes four new models including the F-122CU, F-2322C, F-2352C and F-2852C.  They are now packaged as two speakers and two tile bridges, all in one box.  The new tile bridges allow simpler and faster installation.  Easier installation equals savings, plus the new packaging results in lower shipping costs.  TOA brings quality and savings this spring, and it just gets better.  All TOA speakers are all backed by a five-year warranty.


6. Mitsubishi LCD Digital Displays are Built for the Professional

The LDT461V High Definition widescreen LCD monitor brings full HD 1080P to Mitsubishi's line in a bright 46" digital display with native 1920x1080 resolution.  Use this display monitor to build amazing entertainment and digital signage displays in individual or tiled (video wall) configurations.  These monitors are also ideal for message boards, video conferencing, classroom presentations, retail kiosks, or gaming displays, or to enhance your facilities with welcome messages, company promotions, or human resources information.

United Visual recognizes your need for a professional grade widescreen LCD monitor.  Mitsubishi's specialized LCD monitors for professional installations are designed for bright environments and extended use.  This new 46" 1920x1080 display monitor easily integrates with 3rd party touch overlays, control systems, and has a unique built-in scheduler.  Mitsubishi's 46" monitor features an improved 1500:1 contrast ratio and full HD 1080P resolution.  Mitsubishi's fast response time brings any application rich, vibrant and realistic images and smooth 1920x1080 video display viewable at 176 deg. horizontal & vertical.  For long-term performance, this full HD 1080P monitor features automatic power saving and screen saver functions to avoid image persistence and extend the life of your display monitors.

The 3-year warranty on LCD panels and monitor parts and labor will make you confident you're making the right decision to buy Mitsubishi from your United Visual representative.  Highlights of of the new LCD digital display warranty program include extended support hours, a longer LCD panel warranty, plus onsite service and repairs.  United Visual customers have come to appreciate the Mitsubishi Express Monitor Onsite Service (MEMOS), which eliminates shipping costs, with service provided onsite within 48 hours.


7. The audience will love it! Sony's new "larger-venue" business projectors.

Sony's new VPL-FW300L and VPL-FH300L "larger-venue" business projectors make a big impression with crowd pleasing, dynamic projection and illuminating performance. These projectors are ideal for virtually anywhere you want to impress a larger audience, and the projector can remain in the room!

The VPL-FW300L is Sony's first fixed installation business projector featuring WXGA+ (1366 x 800) resolution at 7000 lumens brightness. And the VPL-FH300L is Sony's first fixed installation business projector featuring 2K HD resolution imaging panels (2048 x 1080) at 6000 lumens brightness. Both models employ Sony's new BrightEra™ inorganic LCD panels and feature a 2-lamp design, as well as a five lens choices, just mix and match the projector and correct lens for the job. United Visual clients have come to trust the reliability that comes when purchasing a Sony product. Sony provides continued good reason for that truist with an intelligent 2-Lamp Fail Safe System design for the 300 series. These projectors will be available in early March, just in time for Easter Installations. Visit our website for full specs on the Sony VPL-FW300L.


8. Take your presentation with you and make sure it's protected in a Jelco case.

Gotta catch that flight!  The traffic on the way to the airport was a nightmare and there's no time to check your bag.  No need to worry!  Your projector is in a Jelco padded hard side travel case.  Jelco's padded hard side travel cases are manufactured of black Dupont Original Ballistic nylon fabric for durability and moisture resistance.  The interior is built of firm industrial grade foam and rigid ABS plastic for protection.  All cases feature heavy-duty, smooth sliding YKK zippers.

Some models have a removable, laptop computer case and all padded hard side cases include a non-slip handle (extends from 36" to 43") and NEW ball-bearing "skate" wheels for travel convenience.  An extension platform pulls out for stability and extra items that may need to be carried.  Just like Jelco's classic padded wheel cases, their padded hard side travel cases are designed as carry-on luggage (most fit in an airplane's overhead rack).  However, unlike their classic wheel cases, the interior of these cases includes the added shock protection of an ABS plastic insert sandwiched between two layers of foam and fabric.  Our customers have been purchasing Jelco cases for over a decade.  You can't rely on good traffic, or that your flight will leave on time, but you can rely on Jelco.


9. Window in the conference room causing a problem? Draper has the solution.

Only Draper offers you the combination of a LightBloc style rear shade to provide total blackout, and an electric front projection screen on the forward roller instead of a mesh shade when a projection screen needs to be located in front of a window.  Projection screen sizes go up to 109" x 144" with a fiberglass matt white front projection screen surface.  The Access Dual Roller FlexShade System can also allow for both glare control and room darkening in the same opening.  Two complete shades are vertically stacked in a single recessed headbox.  Combine a glare control fabric, mesh or translucent, with a free-hanging room darkening shade or with a LightBloc style (side and sill channels) for complete blackout.  The Access Dual Roller FlexShade headbox is white where visible at the ceiling line.  Ceiling tile flange, 3/4" wide, is optionally available.  The bottom panel forms a slot for fabric passage and attaches easily without fasteners.  Continuous pocket may be installed in the ceiling well in advance of the shades, allowing for easy coordination with various trades.  Warranted for one year against defects in materials and workmanship.


10. Making Connections - DVI & HDMI

Until a couple of years ago, component video cabling was the best way to connect a video source to the display.  It offered higher quality than composite and we all felt pretty comfortable using it.  Then, along came two new technologies - DVI and HDMI - and most users just felt confused.

Component Video, used for a number of years now, was considered an advancement over previous technologies.  This is an analog format (rather than digital) that delivers video from the source (any player) to the display (monitor, projector, etc.).  Component Video basically considers the red, green and blue of a picture individually and sends them via voltage through the cable.  Component Video is considered to deliver higher quality than S-Video or Composite Video.

DVI and HDMI, the newest technologies in connecting sources to displays, are digital technologies, and many believe that because so much content is now presented on digital media (and sometimes created digitally), these are the better connections in ProAV applications.  What this means is that the red, green and blue content is sent with bits and bytes, just as those that comprise a computer file, so in theory, DVI and HDMI deliver a more pure signal and therefore, more pure AV.

DVI (digital visual interface) came first to market.  As the name implies, it delivers visual images from the source to the display, and it delivers them uncompressed, so quality is maintained.  The main difference between DVI and HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) is that HDMI delivers both video and multi-channel audio via the same cable, whereas with DVI, you will need a separate audio cable.

Now that we've explored the differences, you'll still want to call us to decide which connection is best for your application.  For example, HDMI is backwards compatible with DVI but the reverse isn't true.  And where this all gets interesting (or more confusing) is that none of these solutions is ALWAYS better than the other.  In some cases, the picture on the display is actually better with component than with DVI/HDMI.  That's why we carry around signal testers and test pattern software to be sure we can determine the absolute best technology for your particular application.

Our job is to learn all about the new technologies so that you don't have to.  But we know that some fundamental explanation is a huge help to you as we consult you about your systems.  Now that you have an understanding of the different signal delivery options, give us a call so we can audit your existing systems to be sure you're getting the best quality possible.



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