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United Visual AV Insider - June 2008

Table of Contents:
1. The More the Merrier with Extron's VGA Distribution Amplifiers
2. Peerless has the Perfect Stand for Any 50" - 71" Application
3. Epson offers Powerlite 83+ Projector Designed for Educators
4. Middle Atlantic - More than Just Racks!
5. Mitsubishi offers a Low Cost 5000 ANSI Lumen Projector
6. JELCO Introduces the Most Versatile Mobile Cabinet on Market
7. Saving Lives Through Technology. The NEC MD304MC
8. Chief FUSION Flat Panel TV Carts and Stands
9. Designed to Protect! Crestron's Uninterruptible Power Supply
10. New SMART Corporate Solutions Change the Way Companies Collaborate


1.  The More the Merrier with Extron's VGA Distribution Amplifiers.

Extron Electronics has introduced a new eight-output and twelve-output VGA and stereo audio distribution amplifier as part of the popular P/2 DA Series.  The P/2 DA8 and P/2 DA12 Series are compatible with computer-video resolutions up to QXGA.  All models are compatible with high-resolution RGBHV computer-video signals, as well as HDTV component analog signals.

These new sizes extend the price/performance benefits of the P/2 DA Series to the larger A/V distribution system designs commonly found in courtrooms, conference facilities, and similar high profile environments, according to a United Visual representative.

The Extron P/2 DA Series of VGA distribution amplifiers are available in sizes from two outputs to twelve outputs.  All models offer 350 MHz (-3dB) RGB video bandwidth, fully loaded, for optimum signal integrity at the highest computer-video resolutions.  ID bit routing is provided to maintain compatibility with Windows Plug-and-Play displays.  Audio-capable models feature active PC audio buffering, converting unbalanced stereo audio to balanced, line level signals to eliminate unwanted noise over long cable runs.


2.  Peerless has the Perfect Stand for Any 50" - 71" Application.

The new FPZ-670 easily holds up to two 50" - 71" flat panel displays back-to-back.  And not only does it look good, but it's incredibly durable and is great for all kinds of applications requiring the use of large format LCD or Plasma displays.  The new FPZ-670 also features internal cable management from top-to-bottom for a safe, clean and clutter-free look.  Complete with integrated tamper-resistant storage for content drivers like DVD players or small PCs and plenty of room for a surge protector it is perfect for use in hi-traffic areas such as tradeshow exhibits, offices or lobbies, just to name a few.  The stand allows for either portrait or landscape screen orientation and is height adjustable.  Peerless, always there, always dependable.


3.  Epson offers Powerlite 83+ Projector Designed for K-12 Educators.

Multimedia projectors are becoming a necessity for the classroom, enabling educators to take learning to the next level with vibrant colorful displays, a range of multimedia content and interactive collaboration technologies to better engage their students.  Epson recently announced its latest product designed for the education market - the Epson PowerLite 83+ LCD projector.

The Epson Powerlite 83+ has 2200 lumens of brightness, a ten-watt speaker, a built-in closed captioning decoder, wired LAN connectivity for easy monitoring and control, and energy-efficient lamp technology for more added cost savings.  Campus technicians will like this projector as much as the educators will love using it in their classrooms.  According to Epson, the improved functionality of the PowerLite 83+ is a direct result of feedback received from education customers about previous products, which helped design a projector that presents engaging content in classrooms in a cost efficient package.

The Epson PowerLite 83+ features a built-in closed captioning decoder for hearing impaired students.  This offers schools a low-cost solution for meeting part of their ADA508 requirements without having to purchase and install external decoders.  In addition, the PowerLite 83+ offers RJ-45 wired LAN connectivity for remote monitoring via the school's IT network, regardless of the physical location of the projector.  Finally, a ten-watt speaker provides powerful sound to fill an entire classroom and help capture the attention of students.

Let your United Visual representative help you to select and implement the best product applications for your classrooms, while making the most of your limited budgets.


4.  Middle Atlantic - More than Just Racks!

The new Post and Control Room Desk Systems from Middle Atlantic Products are designed with the flexibility to operate efficiently in a range of Broadcast, Post-Production and Security settings while providing significantly enhanced comfort and usability for system operators.  For added versatility, the new Desk Systems feature highly adjustable optional monitor supports for up to six screens per desk that allow placement of monitors at different heights to suit individual operators or line of sight beyond the desk.  Flexible configurations allow linked multi-desk applications and easy setup for straight, curved and even serpentine layouts. Repositioned cable entry points on the desk surface provide improved cable management with added routing options from desk to monitors and uncluttered control surfaces.

New Desk System design enhancements include ergonomically contoured edges for desktops and keyboard shelves to allow greater operator comfort and efficiency.  Desk surface heights have been raised to 30" to accommodate all user sizes while keyboard support ergonomics and range of adjustments have also been improved.  Other adjustable options include a range of task lighting and phone supports.  Monitor mounting access area and cable management raceways have been redesigned to provide a more open workspace for yoru integrator.  Front and rear doors provide greater access to cabling areas, so that cables can be easily run between desks, mounted equipment and remote equipment areas.  A compact and compatible rack is available to mount equipment for the system.

The Desk System designs are attractive and elegant with new color options including Honey Maple, Dark Cherry and Pepperstone.  These new looks result in more pleasant workspaces whether in more visible, public areas or edit rooms and production suites.  Most importantly, these new Desk Systems are part of the reliable, integrated mounting system solutions you have come to rely on from Middle Atlantic.


5.  Mitsubishi offers a Low Cost 5000 ANSI Lumen Projector.

Mitsubishi, known for award-winning, high-quality, high-definition presentation and display products, introduced its WL6700U, a 5000 ANSI lumen, WXGA resolution (1366 x 800 pixels) projector for commercial, home theater and education installations.  By offering this projector at a cost remarkably lower than others of the same caliber, Mitsubishi continues to lead the projector industry with a combination of high brightness and wide-screen, high definition at an unprecedented price.

Blasting 5000 lumens with a 1000:1 contrast ratio, the WL6700U uses three robust 1.2 inch 3LCD inorganic panels.  This projector is ideal for commercial venues such as sports bars, restaurants or hotel conference rooms as well as school auditoriums and corporate boardrooms that require wide-format, high-definition resolution HD video.  The WL6700U is available in a white outer cabinet and also features a DVI connector for a wider range of HD connectivity options.  The WL6700U fits a perfect niche for those who need high brightness and wide format imaging.

Our United Visual account managers are working more and more on video conferencing applications.  We have found that the WL6700U can create side-by-side images for enhanced video conferencing applications that include a live video feed and simultaneous presentations on the same screen, perfect for large venues where ambient light can be a factor.  It also offers RJ45 networking support for easy online management and control.

With a built-in motion-sensitive anti-theft alarm, Mitsubishi's WL6700U is designed to deter projector theft from public venues such as classrooms, auditoriums or other open-access conference room settings.  The motion detector is built into the connector panel cover and is set manually by a key.  Once the cover is installed and the safety key removed, the projector's alarm is automatically set. Moving the projector will then sound a 120-decibel high pitch alarm. Please call for a demo and a quote on this great new projector.


6.  JELCO Introduces the Most Versatile Mobile Cabinet on Market.

Jelco recently introduced ROTOLIFT, a new all-in-one mobile cabinet that transports, displays and stores monitors up to 50 inches diagonal.  A first in the marketplace, ROTOLIFT allows large, flat-screen, plasma and LCD monitors to be viewed in portrait or landscape orientation, providing unparalleled flexibility for AV needs.

The ROTOLIFT is perfect for individuals, corporations and staging professionals who need to safely move and securely store large monitors, and who need to display a monitor in landscape or portrait mode.  Time is money right?  The JELCO ROTOLIFT can save a significant amount of time.  Set-up time is reduced because one individual can simply roll the case into position and display a monitor.  And the time required to return the unit to storage is minimized because the self-contained protective case eliminates the need to securely pack up a monitor.  Digital signs can be located virtually anywhere, with customized messages unique to a specific location or event.

Mobile, temporary digital signage and kiosk needs are now easy to fulfill with ROTOLIFT because of its portability and the flexibility to allow a monitor to be swiftly shifted from landscape to portrait orientation as needed.  Talk with your United Visual representative about custom finished cases and an optional drapery, as well as the best flat-screen display for your application.


7.  Saving Lives Through Technology.  The NEC MD304MC.

NEC Display Solutions of America recently announced the 30-inch MultiSync MD304MC widescreen display, designed exclusively for the demanding needs of medical diagnostic professionals.  The 4-megapixel color display is certified for radiology and emergency room environments, and includes patented technologies designed to make work easier and more accurate.

The MD304MC embodies the precision, high performance and intelligence expected from a world leader in medical displays, and yields crisper display of even the most delicate shadings and color differences.  With a native resolution of 2560 x 1600, the wide-gamut, widescreen LCD performs equally well in portrait or landscape orientation and is wide enough to compare side-by-side patient images.

The MD304MC incorporates in-plane switching (IPS) technology, which is widely accepted as the highest performing LCD technology, delivering unparalleled color reproduction and brightness uniformity by minimizing off-angle color shift.  Off-angle viewing is especially important in medical settings, where colleagues are asked to validate diagnosis as they stand to the side of the computer user.  Grayscales are also reproduced with excellent definition by the IPS technology.

In medical environments such as radiology and emergency rooms, the right equipment and technology can help save lives.  NEC has many years of experience in the medical industry and have built reputations for providing technology products that allows medical facility administrators to keep the focus on their patients rather than their equipment.

The MD304MC will be available in July.  To learn more about NEC Display Solutions' medical products call your United Visual representative.


8.  Chief FUSION Flat Panel TV Carts and Stands.

Convert any space into a media rich environment with Chief's lineup of FUSION carts and stands.  Built to support flat panel TVs, these products offer mobility and flexibility, ideal for shared resources in classrooms, boardrooms, tradeshows, digital signage and rental applications.  Achieve perfect viewing angles with easy to use features that allow screen positioning, tilt and height adjustment, without the use of tools.

Chief's cart and stand collection includes the PFC Mobile Cart and PF1 Stand for 42-63" screens, and the MFC Mobile Cart and MF1 Stand for 30-50" screens.  The carts and stands are packed with innovative features that help put the focus on your presentation, including:

  • Telescoping Height Adjustment: easily position your flat panel screen at the ideal height for endless versatility.
  • Centris Technology: effortlessly adjust the angle of your screen with the fingertip tilt functionality.
  • Modular Design: quickly assemble or disassemble your cart or stand, and add accessories to customize your installation.
  • Integrated Cable Management: easily hide cables out of sight for a clean installation.
  • Compact Base Design: easily fit your cart or stand in doorways and corner locations.

Your United Visual representative can provide insight and pricing for the optional accessories available for the mobile carts and stands.


9.  Designed to Protect!  Crestron's Uninterruptible Power Supply.

Crestron's uninterruptible power supply is a power controller, a power conditioner and a UPS!  The CEN-UPS1250 is a 1250 Watt, 120 Volt uninterruptible power supply and power conditioner Engineered by APC specifically for Crestron.  Designed to protect Crestron control systems, media servers, video displays and other devices, the CEN-UPS1250 employs pure sine wave battery backup to maintain continuous operation of critical components whenever power is disrupted.  Remote monitoring and control through Crestron's award-winning Roomview software, and full 2-Series control system integration, deliver a comprehensive power management and protection solution that's an integral part of the complete Crestron control network.

Pure Sine Wave Battery Backup.  Any unexpected shutdown due to the sudden loss of power will certainly disrupt workflow and stop a presentation dead in its tracks, but it can also cause the loss of precious data and system settings, and can even damage hard drives and other vulnerable components. The CEN-UPS1250 constantly monitors the incoming power line and instantly transfers power to battery backup in the event of such a power loss, ensuring the connected components continue to operate unhampered.

When running on battery backup, the CEN-UPS1250 can power a rack full of equipment for several minutes without interruption. The CEN-UPS1250 will also ensure a smooth changeover from primary power to a backup generator.

Managed Power Control.  The CEN-UPS1250 provides twelve 120V power outlets organized in 4 banks. Each of the four banks of outlets is independently switchable, with fully managed power-up and shutdown available at the press of a single button or control system command.

Surge Protection.  The CEN-UPS1250 provides thorough protection against surges, spikes, and lightning. In addition to power line protection on all 12 outlets, there is also built-in surge protection for two separate coax lines and one telephone line, delivering a complete solution for protecting TVs, cable and satellite receivers, modems, and conferencing devices.

Environmental Monitoring.  Using the external probe included, ambient temperature and relative humidity levels can be measured and recorded, and even reported to the control system or central help desk. Using this feature, safe operating limits can be specified for all of the equipment within a room or rack so that whenever the limits are exceeded, the user is notified, climate control is adjusted, and if necessary the equipment can be powered down safely.

RoomView and Control System Integration.  Monitoring and operation of the CEN-UPS1250 extends beyond its front panel, providing direct communication with Crestron's RoomView Remote Asset Management Software as well as with Ethernet-enabled 2-Series control systems. The CEN-UPS1250 notifies RoomView whenever it switches to battery backup, and warns if the battery is low or overloaded. It also reports which outlet banks are on, as well as the line voltage, output voltage, frequency, voltage regulation status, system load, internal temperature, ambient temperature and humidity, and battery condition. Centralized monitoring and logging via RoomView provides an invaluable resource for quickly resolving power line problems and maintaining batteries.

Rack-mountable.  A heavy duty rackmount hardware kit is included to mount the unit into any EIA standard 4-post 19" equipment rack up to 28" deep.


10.  New SMART Corporate Solutions Change the Way Companies Collaborate.

New collaboration platforms enable real-time global information sharing.  That being said, SMART Technologies has announced three new product platforms specifically targeted at corporate users who view collaboration as a business imperative.  They are: SMART Meeting Pro, SMART Hub SE and SMART Hub PE.  The three products combine with single or multiple SMART Board interactive whiteboards and SMART Board interactive displays to create connected meeting rooms where dispersed staff can instantly set up a data conference, write in digital ink over any application and save their work, share desktops and notes, and participate as if they were in the same room.  SMART corporate solutions deliver the power to redefine the way people communicate and work in today's global economy.

Each platform is designed to work seamlessly with any SMART Board interactive whiteboard or display and other common meeting room components such as document cameras, VCRs and computers, allowing teams to instantly share information and desktops, brainstorm ideas, and save their notes.  The platforms leverage integrated data conferencing to enable fast and simple connections and a more collaborative environment than traditional data conferencing.  The breakthrough technology provides a robust level of interactivity in a single- or multi-display room where everyone can easily participate, regardless of location.

Organizations face both challenges and opportunities that can be addressed through more effective collaboration.  Smart's corporate solutions enable distributed teams to be on the same page instantly, opening new possibilities to speed decisions, reduce costs, improve effectiveness and enhance creativity through collaboration.  This month we will cover SMART Meeting Pro.

SMART Meeting Pro - SMART Meeting Pro software adds advanced whiteboarding and data conferencing to meeting rooms with a dedicated computer and one or more SMART Board interactive whiteboards or displays.  The software can connect multiple displays and laptops in the same room or around the world, enabling meeting participants to share ideas and information.  With SMART Meeting Pro, teams can display documents and images, and notes can be made on any display in digital ink, then saved to a network drive, the desktop or a USB key and distributed via e-mail.  SMART Meeting Pro became available this past May.



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