Epson PowerLite
Pro G5350NL

Precision control and a low cost of ownership.  Epson PowerLite Pro G5350NL offers the perfect solution for any auditorium, classroom or boardroom. With 5000 lumens and XGA resolution, this powerful, network-ready performer ensures amazing presentations.

- Closed captioning
- HDMI digital port
- Centered lens design
- Horizontal/vertical lens shift
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United Visual AV Insider - July 2008

Table of Contents:
1. NEW EPSON Pro Series Install Projectors
2. Atlas Sound New Campus Paging & Notification Solution
3. Peerless Unveils World's Thinnest Mounts
4. Send High-resolution Video 1500 Feet
5. Groundbreaking Sharp 3-Chip DLP Large Venue Projector
6. ELMO's New P30S Jumps to Head of the Class!
7. Conference Systems with Remote Access Launched By TOA
8. NEC Has What You Have Been Waiting For In A Projector!
9. As Velvety As The Voice of Bobby Vinton!
10. SMART Corporate solutions - Part Deux


1.  Want Astounding Quality, Reliability, and Low Cost of Ownership? Look to Epson.

Designed with your installation needs in mind, the Epson PowerLite Pro Series G5150NL, G5350NL, and G5200WNL offer the perfect solution for any auditorium, classroom or boardroom. These powerful, network-ready performers ensure amazing presentations. And, they're ready for future technology, including systems with built-in HDMI, digital and wireless capabilities. The 3LCD technology used in these projectors goes far beyond ordinary color. "Clear", "rich" and "vibrant" barely begin to describe the incredible depth and brilliance it delivers. The impact is stunning. It's an astonishing level of realism you never thought possible.

Engineered to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, the 4000 lumen XGA resolution G5150NL includes a full feature set that ensures easy installation with greater flexibility. Its unique networking capabilities allow you to send presentations over the network both wirelessly or through the wired LAN. And, Epson Easy Management gives your system administrators the power to remotely monitor and control your projector.

With 4200 lumens and WXGA resolution, the G5200WNL offers excellent performance and it couldn't be easier to install. Designed to seamlessly integrate with complex presentation systems, the PowerLite Pro G5200WNL includes a full feature set that makes installation easy and affordable. That's good. Its convenient networking capabilities allow presenters to send presentations over the network.

The 5000 lumen, XGA resolution G5350NL includes a full feature set that also ensures easy installation with greater flexibility. Its unique networking capabilities allow you to send presentations over the network both wirelessly or through the wired LAN. And, Epson Easy Management gives your system administrators the power to remotely monitor and control your projector.

Add to that the easy maintenance features and you've got everything you need for brilliant presentations and a better bottom line. With one-touch filter removal and easy side lamp access, these projectors offer a low cost of ownership and added peace of mind. It even includes a closed captioning decoder, so there are no added costs to accommodate the hearing impaired. The Epson PowerLite Pro Series install projectors are ideal choices for both executive boardrooms and educational institutions, with the value, power and performance for all your presentation needs. United Visual has both the G5350 & G5200 available for immediate demo. Call your United Visual account representative today for more information on these great new projectors and to schedule a demonstration.


2.  Atlas Sound Launches A New Campus Paging & Notification Solution.

Atlas Sound has launched its new WAN paging, notification and clock/bell control system called ControlKom.  ControlKom is an IP based technology solution that provides unlimited flexibility for paging and notification systems in K-12 education, collegiate, health care, manufacturing and corporate applications. It Integrates with any SIP-compatible VOIP system over Ethernet IP addressable speakers and digital clocks.

The ControlKom software allows local or remote configuration of the system and also features extensive monitoring capabilities. The IP loudspeakers incorporate power over an Ethernet-controlled board that contains an integral amplifier that is IP addressable. The speaker is an IP end point on the network with IP and Mac addresses. It is a real IP speaker.

The ControlKom solution is a turnkey "one wire" solution that can be deployed rapidly utilizing an existing data network. Perfect for school or district wide communications including alerts for impending storm danger, an emotionally disturbed student, an upset parent, or an intruder on campus or any other less urgent campus communications. Prerecorded or live announcements can be broadcast within 20 seconds to an unlimited number of IP speakers, computer screens, IP phones, and overhead paging systems. For information on the Atlas Sound ControlKom solutions contact your United Visual representative.


3.  Peerless Unveils World's Thinnest Mounts.

Peerless has a new line of flat-panel mounting solutions offering an ultrathin design to hold a display only 0.4" from the wall for near-invisible closeness.  Now that's close!  The new mount features universal capability of mounting hole patterns and is easily hooked onto the wall plate.  An industrial-strength Velcro latching system secures the screen adapter to the wall plate so the display cannot be dislodged.  Our clients have been asking for a mount like this.  Screen adjustment allows for up to 6-8" of horizontal movement for perfect screen placement and mounts easily to 16" center wood studs, concrete, or cinder block.  The Ultrathin Flat Wall Mounts are available in high-gloss black with UL listing to 150 lb. max load capacity.  Mount wall plate ... attach screen adapters ... hang screen ... enjoy!  Slimline Ultrathin Peerless mounts are available this month.  Call your United Visual rep for pricing on one of these great mounts.
  • Peerless SUF640P for displays from 23" - 46"
  • Peerless SUF650P for displays from 32" - 50"
  • Peerless SUF660P for displays from 37" - 60"


4.  How Are You Going to Send that High-Resolution Video to Your Display 1500 Feet Away?

Extron can help.  Extron Electronics just introduced the MTP 1500RL Series of extended distance twisted pair receivers.  Available in four models, the new extended distance receivers work with MTP Series transmitters to send high resolution video along with RS-232 or audio signals 1,500 feet or more over a single CAT 5-type cable.  The extended distance receivers are compatible with resolutions up to 1600x1200 UXGA, and feature separate continuously variable level and peaking adjustments that precisely optimize image quality for various cable lengths.  The receivers are housed in low profile, rack-mountable metal enclosures that can be discreetly mounted in racks or behind wall-mounted displays.

"Our clients have had applications that require high resolution video signals to be sent very long distances," says Mike Maturo, Account Manager at United Visual. "This product from Extron for extended distance capability is ideal for running signals much less expensivly in very large buildings or on campuses with multiple buildings."

The four new receivers are compatible with the Extron MTP Series of transmitters, switchers, distribution amplifiers, and matrix switchers.  Each receiver offers an additional female RJ-45 buffered output, enabling up to eight receivers to be connected in series, reducing the number of parallel cable runs required.


5.  Groundbreaking Sharp 3-Chip DLP Large Venue Projector.

Just a couple of weeks ago Sharp announced the introduction of the world's first 6000 Lumen DLP .7-inch XGA 3 chip Professional Projector, model XG-P610X, combining extensive projector features from Sharp with Texas Instruments' advanced 3 chip technology.  This 6000 Lumen Installation/Integration projector represents the first in a family of 3 chip projectors from Sharp and is also the first in this brightness category for Sharp, breaking an industry barrier with unparalleled picture quality and brightness at a very affordable price point.

Combining high brightness, 2000:1 contrast ratio, XGA native resolution for detailed images, six lens options and redundant reliability through a dual-lamp lighting system, this projector is ideal for United Visual clients that need a powerful, permanently-installed display device, including system integration, large venues, rental and staging, control centers, broadcast studios, flight control rooms and call centers.

The advanced DLP 3 chip technology along with extended Lamp Life and low cost of ownership; offers redundant reliability for uninterrupted presentations.  The projectors also add UXGA (1600 x 1200) compatibility and HDTV/DTV compatibility for use with current and next-generation video technologies as well as extensive connectivity. An HDMI input terminal is included as well as separate audio inputs for each signal input.

The XG-P610X is backed by a two-year parts and labor limited warranty including two years of Sharp's industry-leading 24-hour turnaround "ER" Express Repair support.


6.  ELMO's New P30S Visual Presenter Jumps to Head of the Class!

Adding to its P30 line of document cameras that have become a favorite of educators nationwide, ELMO recently proudly announced that the new P30 "S" model is now available.  The P30S has all of the popular attributes of P30 models plus new, distinctive features providing for greater image power and clarity through full-motion video of 30fps (frames per second), XGA/SXGA/720P HD selectable output, and 16x optical zoom, all at the industry's best price.

Ideal for a diverse range of applications utilized by colleges and universities, the P30S's easy operation, portability and set-up combined with its wide range of capabilities make it the presenter of choice for anyone who makes educational, informative and/or persuasive presentations.

The P30S is the ultimate lecture hall presentation tool.  The P30S is an exceptionally affordable option for colleges, universities and other higher education users who want to add impact to presentations, and boost the interest, comprehension and retention of students.

Popular features include an advanced progressive scan camera system and 16x optical zoom capabilities that capture the finest details with stunning clarity; a free-angle camera arm and lamp for flexible, custom positioning and lighting; lightweight, compact and attractive design for easy portability and confident handling; and a user-friendly interface that helps presenters avoid the distractions and disruptions caused by operating more complex systems.  Furthermore, a built-in LCD monitor allows presenters to view information while continuing to face the audience.

The P30S's versatile output accommodates both PC and analog sources, providing virtually unlimited creativity and spontaneity.  Smooth, vivid images can be presented live or saved to a PC for future use.  Using bundled software programs, presenters can choose from a wide variety of presentation aids, including annotation tools to draw lines in a variety of colors to enhance screen images and split screens for comparison purposes.


7.  Conference Systems with Remote Access Launched By TOA.

TOA Electronics, Inc., manufacturer of commercial audio announced the introduction of the TS-770 series Conference System, the latest addition to its line of conference systems.  Uniquely designed with remote (off-site) participation capability, the TS-770 Conference System is ideal for conferences and meetings in government, corporate, educational and many other applications.  It's easy to use!  The TS-770 Series can support up to 70 stations with each Central Unit, and can expand to 210 positions with additional Central Units.  Each chairman/delegate position utilizes a high quality uni-directional gooseneck microphone, with a choice of lengths, and a wide frequency response speaker to ensure optimal communications for all participants.

Several methods are available to enable off-site participation.  The TS-775 Remote Delegate Interface Unit is offered to permit a remote participant to dial-in on a standard telephone line or via an IP-telephony connection from a PC and be able to function as a full participant in the meeting activity.  Remote participation is also possible without the TS-775 with connections directly to the TS-770 Central Unit.

Our clients will appreciate the archival recording capability, easy set-up and storage, and automatic microphone time out function which are among the many useful features of the TS-770 Series.  The new TS-770 Series conference system is backed by a five year product warranty.  Download the TOA TS-770 Series Confernece System brochure for full specs.


8.  NEC Has What You Have Been Waiting For In A Projector!

NEC Display Solutions of America announced today the introduction of the NP905 and NP901W installation projectors, two full-featured, network-compatible projectors developed for corporate conference rooms and classrooms.

At 3000 lumens and 2000 lumens, respectively, the bright NP905 and NP901W projectors include Windows Network Projector functionality within Windows Vista, enabling users to share information from their laptops or desktops via a wired or wireless network without the need for proprietary software.  Remote desktop connection enables these projectors to connect to a networked computer remotely, allowing complete control of the remote computer with the connection of a USB mouse and keyboard directly to the projector's USB input.  Remote diagnostics enable the administrator to monitor and make adjustments to the projector remotely via a network.

Other advanced features included with the NP905 and NP901W are the geometric correction tool, which allows users to project on spheres, cylinders and more without distortion, as well as advanced color management, which automatically adjusts for the specific input type, whether it is a presentation, movie or graphics.  Their comprehensive input panels include HDMI for high-definition video content, as well as an audio input for every allotted video input.  Additionally, the NP905 and NP901W include closed captioning capability for the hearing impaired and a direct power off feature, which provides instantaneous shutdown of the projector, ideal for our users who are constantly on-the-go.

The NP905 and NP901W feature Silicon Optix HQV (Hollywood Quality Video), providing unparalleled scaling of computer signals and high-performance video processing for standard or high-definition video.  The technology produces superior video processing using pixel-based, motion-adaptive de-interlacing to remove undesirable motion artifacts typical of interlaced signals.  This processing brings home-theater-quality images to meeting rooms and classrooms.

The NP905 and NP901W are powerhouse projectors that provide high-definition and essential networking capabilities and they offer best-in-class image quality and a full list of features that United Visual customers have come to expect from NEC, while still remaining affordable.

The NP905 and NP901W projectors come with a standard two-year limited parts and labor warranty, including the first year of InstaCare, which provides the original owner one year of either next business day exchange or 3-business day repair/return.  Registered education users qualify for a three-year limited parts and labor warranty.  The NP905 and NP901W include a one-year or 500-hour lamp warranty and will be available for July 2008 shipment.


9.  As Velvety As The Voice of Bobby Vinton!

Need to spruce up your presentation?  Sure that PowerPoint you have been working on looks great, and the projector is the best money can buy, but what does your background look like?  Will your audience be distracted?  Da-Lite can help.  Da-Lite's Ultra Velour drapery fabrics are designed and manufactured to meet the demand for inherently flame retardant staging curtains in permanent and rental applications.

Available in three colors, black, pewter gray and blue, Ultra Velour drapery tones complement most interior decors and staging venues.  These colors lend themselves to most professional installations giving your presentation environment a cohesive appearance that does not distract from you or your presentation.

Portability and maintenance are key issues when you are out of the office presenting at hotels, and other off-site locations.  Ultra Velour answers these concerns with a decrease in weight of 10 percent over the current Da-Lite drapery line and because it is a blended synthetic fabric is machine washable.  The need for dry-cleaning and the associated costs are completely eliminated with Ultra Velour.  So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call!


10.  SMART Corporate solutions - Part Deux.

Last month we presented the SMART Meeting Pro.  For July we present to you the Smart Hub SE.  As previously stated (just one month ago!), Smart's new collaboration platforms enable real-time global information sharing.

SMART Hub SE - SMART Hub SE is a collaboration appliance that provides basic whiteboarding and data conferencing without a PC.  Combined with a SMART Board interactive whiteboard or display, SMART Hub SE enables meeting participants to write over any application, including video, and save their notes.  From the Hub SE menu, meeting participants can quickly start a whiteboarding session with colleagues in the same room or remotely and share their laptop content, allowing everyone to work together as if they were in the same room.  SMART Hub SE began shipping on June 26, 2008, at a suggested price of US$3,999.  Your United Visual representative can provide you with additional info and quote to develop your budget.



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