With built-in RJ-45 LAN connectivity, Texas Instruments® BrilliantColorTM DLP® technology and 3000 ANSI Lumens brightness, the WXGA future-proof resolution Sharp PG-F320W is perfect for most any corporate, educational or house-of-worship setting.

Sharp PG-F320W Highlights:

- LAN RJ-45 Connection
- HDCP DVI-I Input
- 16:9 - 1280 x 800
- 3000 ANSI Lumens

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United Visual AV Insider - April 2008

Table of Contents:
1. Shure Microflex Microphones - Part Deux
2. Need a Really Big Screen? Da-Lite Has Some For You
3. JBL Builds on the Success of the AE Series
4. Bretford Launches New Adjustable Height Carts
5. NEC Announces Its NP Values Series
6. Xantech Adds New CAT5 HDMI & IR Control Extender
7. Denon is Shipping Its Next Generation AVR-5308CI A/V Receiver
8. Califone Upgrades 'Array' Speakers
9. EIKI Introduces a 5000 lumens Portable Projector
10. Peerless - Innovative Design While Preserving The Environment
11. New Website Chock-Full of SMART Board Resources


1.  Shure Microflex Microphones - Part Deux

In our March newsletter we introduced you to Shure's MX395 boundary mic and the MX690 Microflex® Wireless Boundary Microphone.  This month we bring to you the MX405 and MX410 gooseneck microphones.  Elegantly styled with a streamlined, low profile design ideally suited for boardroom, conferencing, and corporate applications, as well as anywhere else that unobtrusive integration is desired, each model in the product group provides versatile functionality, easy setup, and premium sound quality.  Like their predecessors, the new gooseneck models all feature interchangeable cartridges as well.

The MX405 and MX410 are five and ten-inch goosenecks, respectively, offered in both wired and wireless configurations.  Outfitted with fully adjustable goosenecks, 5-pin XLR connectors (wired versions), and a sleek new windscreen, both models can be used with a surface-mount preamp, a wired desktop base with a programmable mute switch, or the MX890 wireless desktop base with a programmable mute switch.  United Visual users can also choose either a bi-color status indicator or a red light ring to keep tabs on microphone operation.  All Microflex microphones include the highest standard of quality and efficiency for installed audio applications.  All models offer Shure CommShieldTM Technology, which guards against unwanted radio interference from consumer wireless devices such as cell phones and PDA's. United Visual customers have been using Shure products for years because of their innovation and realiability.


2.  Need a Really Big Screen? Da-Lite Has Some For You.

That's right, Da-Lite has what you need.  How about a 22' Wide Seamless Tensioned Professional Electrol?  Re-doing the auditorium this year?  Fixing up the lecture hall?  Da-Lite's Tensioned Professional is now available in an additional 270" diagonal Video format and 247", 275" and 298" diagonals in HDTV format and all sizes are seamless.  The Tensioned Professional Electrol is fully customizable to aspect ratios and sizes upon request and includes a three position Decora style wall switch.  The Tensioned Professional Electrol can be controlled with Da-Lite's Video Projector Interface, Single Motor Low Voltage Controller, or Da-Lite's line of Integrated Screen Control products for more sophisticated control and networking.


3. JBL Builds on the Success of the AE Series with the New AE Compact Loudspeaker Family.

Expanding on its immensely popular Application Engineered (AE) Series loudspeakers, JBL Professional has introduced eight new compact AE Series loudspeaker models.

The demand for loudspeaker systems that provide added flexibility and even greater sonic clarity continues to grow with the evolution of the systems integration industry.  The new AE Compact loudspeaker series addresses these demands, enabling United Visual designers and installers to best meet the needs of any given environment, including performing arts venues, houses of worship, sports facilities, and corporate board rooms.

The new AE Compact loudspeaker family consists of eight high-output, 2-way loudspeaker models incorporating either single or dual woofers, including 5.25-inch, 6.5-inch, and 8-inch transducers.  The high-frequency sections include a one-inch dome tweeter for two models (AC15 and AC25), while the remaining six models incorporate one-inch exit compression drivers.  Adding to the flexibility of the AE Compact models are the multiple attachment points strategically located on each model for ease of mounting either with an optional U-bracket or with an OmniMount type mounting bracket.  Easier installation means less time on the job, which amounts to savings for our customers!

You might not know that JBL enclosures are constructed with multi-ply hardwood and finished with JBL's proprietary DuraFlex paint for the utmost in strength and durability.  Also, each loudspeaker system utilizes "best in class" components and is voiced to work with all AE Series loudspeaker systems.  And lastly, each transducer is subjected to JBL's grueling 100-hour torture test to ensure years of trouble-free operation.  Sounds good, feels good.


4.  Bretford Launches New Adjustable Height Carts with Welded Pull-Out Shelves for Easy Assembly and Laptop Support.

Bretford, Inc., supplier of technology and media furniture that improves how people work and learn, recently introduced two height adjustable carts with welded pull-out shelving.  The newest versions of the A2642NS and CA2642NS carts reduce set-up time and support the use of additional technology equipment, such as a notebook computer.

The new carts are perfect for United Visual's K-12 and higher education classrooms, corporate training rooms and hospitality meeting rooms.  Bretford carts have evolved over the years to support the changing needs of technology and our clients.  The new carts with the pull-out shelves give United Visual customers the ability to integrate display and computer technology without the need for additional furniture.  The new height adjustable carts have legs and shelves that are arc welded into place for a strong and secure platform and to help simplify set-up so users can have them up and running - literally -- within minutes.  The A2642NS has three open shelves while the CA2642NS includes a lower locking cabinet to store equipment and deter tampering and theft.  Both models are 24" wide x 18" deep and can be adjusted from 26" to 42" high by resetting four screws to a comfortable projecting height.  They offer enough room on the top shelf to accommodate a 20" diagonal monitor or any AV equipment with similar dimensions, and are available with either 4" or 5" swivel casters for easy movement and locking brakes so the cart stays steady during use.  Their die-press shelves feature rounded edges for extra safety during use and while being moved.  And, their top shelf includes a non-slip rubber mat to keep expensive audiovisual equipment firmly in place.  For more information about technology and media furniture solutions from Bretford, please call your United Visual sales representative.


5. NEC Announces Its NP Values Series.

NEC recently announced its NP Value Series, which consists of two new mobile projectors, the NP100 and NP200.  The newly designed and affordable models include essential features required for the brilliant display of professional materials.  Texas Instruments DLP technology with BrilliantColor enables a 1300:1 contrast ratio providing a colorful and detailed display of data and video.  United Visual customers will enjoy up to 4,000 hours of lamp life, a built-in speaker and a monitor out feature in both models.  The NP100 and NP200 are perfect for small offices, home offices and growing businesses looking for a bright, easy-to-use, portable projector at an affordable price.

The NP100 is an SVGA resolution projector, while the NP200 is an XGA resolution projector.  Each has essential features for use in small-to-medium-sized rooms and can be oriented to front, rear, tabletop or ceiling-mounted positions.  The NP100 and NP200 will be available this month with estimated street prices of $499 and $649, respectively.


6. Xantech Adds New CAT5 HDMI & IR Control Extender to its Full Line of HDMI Products.

Xantech Corporation, a leading producer of innovative, reliable and problem-solving custom installation signal processing and control systems, is now shipping its newest addition to the HDMI product line, the HDMIC5IR.  The HDMIC5IR provides High Definition distribution over CAT5 cables.

Using the same CAT5 cables, any Xantech IR system can be added providing remote control extension between video source and video display.  One ideal application for the HDMIC5IR is overhead video projectors.  Providing HDMI over CAT5 allows United Visual installers to use low cost, construction-friendly CAT5 cables when doing wire runs from the equipment rack to an overhead location.  In addition, the IR capabilities can control the video projector from the equipment rack or central IR receiver.  Another popular application is distributing high-definition to a wall-mounted flat-screen panel display.  The video source, such as a high-definition cable box, can now be hidden in a remote location giving the flat-screen panel display location true freedom.  The HDMIC5IR is a new addition to Xantech's extensive line of HDMI products.  Retail price is only $340.  Call your United Visual representative for more information.


7. Denon is Shipping Its Next Generation AVR-5308CI A/V Receiver.

Denon Electronics, one of the world's premier manufacturers of high- quality, home entertainment components, announced its THX Ultra2/Surround EX Certified flagship audio/video receiver, Model AVR-5308CI is now available.  The AVR-5308CI is designed to provide discerning customers with a single-component that offers the ultimate high- definition audio and video performance from all analog and digital sources, as well as advanced multi- zone distribution capability.

For ultimate-quality video performance, the AVR-5308CI includes six HDMI inputs/two HDMI outputs, all certified for HDMI1.3a with support for xvYCC and 36-bit Deep Color.  Most notably, following its success in Denon's renowned DVD players, Denon has added the Silicon Optix Realta HQV chipset to the AVR-5308CI, providing enhanced video with upconversion and scaling to 1080p from all analog sources as well as processing and scaling of HDMI sources.  This is the first receiver in Denon's line as well as one of the first in the industry to include the Realta HQV chipset.

The AVR-5308CI includes support for Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD Master Audio decoding, and features a new user-friendly GUI.  For added flexibility and utility, the AVR-5308CI features USB ports on both the front and back of the unit.  These incredible receivers aren't just for home theater buffs any more!


8. Califone Upgrades 'Array' Speakers to Further Enhance Classroom Acoustics.

Classrooms can often be noisy even when the teacher is yhe only one speaking.  Internally generated sound within the classroom such as the humming of air conditioners and lights, tapping pencils and shuffling backpacks can have an affect on how students hear, and therefore process, the information vital to their academic achievement.  To further combat ambient noise in the classroom, Califone International, Inc., has recently made significant upgrades to its powered PI30 and PI30-PS Array speakers.

The two powered PI30 Array speakers (one with UHF receptivity and one without) now include fixed and variable volume outputs so teachers can customize volume playback levels of other speakers or supplemental systems connected to the Array speaker within the classroom.  The fixed output allows the Array speaker to act as the master volume control for on any other units linked to it.  The variable volume output gives the educator the opportunity to adjust the volume of a connected supplemental system at any preferred level separate from the main speaker itself.  This type of connection is ideal for presentations where some attendees, such as students with difficulty hearing, may require a louder volume.

According to Califone, the upgrades were made because of requests received from educators who have students with specials needs in their classes.  The 'array' speakers target the audience directly instead of losing valuable information in the classroom void.  Designed to increase the signal-to-noise ratio, all three of the 'array' models narrow the sound distribution directly at the students while preventing sound waves from reverberating off walls.  It is vital for students to hear both their educators and their audio-visual resources clearly, without significant reverberation or diffusion.

The series is comprised of three speaker models.  The P130, the P130-PS, and the P130-SP.  Your United Visual representative is more than happy to discuss the differences with you.


9. EIKI Introduces a Portable Projector That Delivers 5000 lumens! The LC-XG400 Conference Projector.

EIKI recently announced the new EIKI LC-XG400 Conference Projector, replacing the LC-XG300.  At 5000 ANSI Lumens the LC-XG400 is more than 10% brighter than its predecessor … for larger images, or brighter images in adverse ambient lighting conditions … thanks to a new high-efficiency long-life lamp.  Yet it still delivers up-to a 1000:1 contrast ratio at 90% uniformity, for blacker blacks, whiter whites, and even illumination across the screen.

A true "break-out projector" the LC-XG400 is rugged, lightweight, and adaptable, with push-button lens change and vertical and horizontal power lens shift, features that, combined with a wide range of optional lenses, make it perfect for quick setup in temporary applications.  And it incorporates a host of advanced engineering features that make it equally impressive in fixed installations, including a one-way cooling system, a large front-accessed air filter, and a rear-accessed lamphouse, all contributing-to less-frequent, and easier, maintenance.

The LC-XG400 delivers all the on-screen performance you would expect from mature 3LCD imaging technology including vibrant color, advanced image scaling, and compatibility with analog and digital data and video sources up to UXGA and 1080i.  Professional connections, including DVI-I and 5-BNC are standard.  And there's an impressive list of professional enhancements, including projection through 360 degrees of pitch, a physically centered lens for ease of installation, even a carrying handle molded into the cabinet.  The LC-XG400 joins the economical 3800 ANSI Lumen LC-XG250.  Both projectors are available with "normal" lens, or without lens for use with a range of optional lenses.  And both are backed-up by EIKI's 3 Years of Ownership / 6,000 Hours of Use (whichever occurs first) Warranty.


10. Peerless - Innovative Design While Preserving The Environment.  What More Can You Ask For?!

Peerless Mounts recently announced its new initiative to go green in an effort to help preserve the environment.  By working together on a daily basis with suppliers, Peerless is creating a more sustainable approach to manufacturing professional-quality, professional-grade mounting solutions while minimizing its environmental footprint.  The Peerless commitment includes recycling programs and energy conservation initiatives in order to continue to develop environmentally conscious manufacturing processes year after year.

Keeping it green and keeping it real.  One of Peerless' recent technological innovations is the real deal; their PRG Precision Gear Projector Mount.  The PRG is changing the way image alignment is done.  The patent-pending precision gear design provides exact tilt and roll image positioning with a simple turn of a knob.  Once our United Visual installer sets the precision gear to the desired position it stays securely in place.  It will not shift during projector maintenance, bulb replacement, and will not loosen or change alignment due to vibration, accidental bumping etc.  With Peerless' PRG Precision Gear Projector Mount the installer sets it and forgets it., and you have an image that always looks great!


11. New Website Chock-Full of SMART Board Resources.

SMART Technologies announces its new website section designed to provide teachers with digital resources to complement their SMART Board interactive whiteboards and Senteo interactive response systems.  The site features SMART lesson activities for Notebook collaborative learning software, resources to help with lesson activity creation and links to customizable tools and templates.  Math and science lesson activities are currently featured, and additional lesson activity subjects will be added regularly., the Internet site of Scholastic Inc., the global children's publishing, education and media company, is the #1 site for teachers on the Web.

The new website provides digital resources for teachers using SMART Board interactive whiteboards, which lead the interactive whiteboard category with a 58 percent share in the United States and a 47 percent share globally.  At the site, teachers can

  • Search more than 800 professionally developed lesson activities by subject, topic or grade level
  • Use customizable tools and templates for creating their own lesson activities
  • Learn best practices for creating and presenting lesson activities in Notebook software
  • Subscribe to the SMART Learning Marketplace, a content subscription service offering over one million digital resources
The site also features different categories of activities at different times of the school year.  For example, this month, to coincide with Earth Day, lesson activities from SMART focusing on the environment and climate change will be posted.  The site will also host ongoing lesson activity contests.  Teachers can upload their best lesson activities to the SMART Exchange, SMART's online community network for teachers, for the chance to win a SMART classroom package valued at over $3,500.



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