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United Visual provides Audio Visual Solutions for
the Chicago Historical Society's Teens Chicago Exhibit

A classic example of Chicago architecture, the Historical Society offers a wide variety of insight into the city's past through a variety of exhibits with a wealth of knowledge on the history of Chicago and Illinois.

Launched in April of 2004, Teens Chicago is a 3000 square foot exhibit that delves into the history of the adolescent experience, from the child labor reform of the early 1900s to the doo-wop and rock of the 1950s, to the teens of the 1970s and other popular culture trends that defined generations.

The Teen Chicago exposition features several interactive video presentations that creatively employ a variety of audiovisual technology.  When you enter Teens Chicago three large projection areas meet you with three separate video presentations projected from three Sharp XG-C55X 3000 ANSI Lumens LCD projectors strategically mounted on the ceiling.  Sound is delivered by means of a Dakota Audio Sound Array that focuses sound from the presentations to small-defined target area.  By concentrating the sound in just this area visitors can enjoy the other stations throughout the exhibit without being disturbed by the program audio from the intro presentation.  As you move through the exhibit you will encounter four oral history stations all of which are interactive via either a touch screen monitor or a Smart Actalyst™ interactive digital overlay on a plasma display.  With the Smart overlays on the 42-inch plasmas displays, exhibit visitors can prompt several different options from the interactive DVD video presentations.  Three other video presentations will be encountered during the walk through which are projected on custom screens or specially painted surfaces to fit the design of the exhibit.  The projected video presentations are also interactive giving the visitor the ability to control the video through trackball and bush button controls.  The integrated audiovisual systems met the exhibit designers vision of blending personal stories, nostalgia, and historical analysis to explore what it means to be a teenager growing up in Chicago in an interactive environment.

The exhibit has been hugely successful and plans are now in the works to expand the audience and move the exhibit to a number of different venues.

About Chicago Historical Society

The Chicago Historical Society is a privately endowed, independent institution devoted to collecting, interpreting, and presenting the rich multicultural history of Chicago and Illinois, as well as selected areas of American history, to the public through exhibitions, programs, research collections, and publications.

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