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Special requirements at National Association of Realtors

Concealed connections on the boardroom table for laptop plug in at any location

One of the special requirements of the AV system design was that anyone participating in a meeting could plug in a laptop and make a presentation from anywhere at the conference table-and that the person controlling the system could be seated anywhere at the table. With that idea in mind, United worked with the builders of the table to include seven panels to facilitate connections from a laptop or the TiltScreen.

Shown above is a closeup of one of these connectors with a laptop plugged in. Each has dual AC outlets, an input for the Extron switching system, an output for a local monitor (NAR on occasion will bring in a desktop workstation), an input for the company LAN, a modem input and an input for the AMX TiltScreen.

Sony PFM510A1WU Plasma displayAnother requirement of the users of this boardroom is to show computer or video images side by side, so that meeting participants can view and consider both at the same time.

United recommended two Sony XGA-resolution plasma displays fed by the same video and computer sources used by the projection system and controlled by the Color TiltScreen.