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Projection and control system
at the National Association of Realtors

The AMX/Panja Color TiltScreen shown above makes it easy to choose from a large array of sources and project either on the roomís ceiling mounted Panasonic LCD projector or its side-by-side plasma displays.

To use the projector, simply press the icon for the video source or for the location of a particular laptop in the room, then press the icon for the projector. The screen and projector lower from the ceiling, the Extron Matrix switcher activates the proper input, the lights dim, the blackout shades lower and the image appears on the screen.

Unitedís Doug Carnell chose the Panasonic projector for its brightness, sharpness, uniformity of image and the fact that it has optical lens shift, which allows a great deal of flexibility it its positioning relative to the projection screen. Carnell also chose a matt white Draper Signature projection screen, both for its clean, seamless image and its tensioning system, which keeps its surface perfectly flat, ensuring that every part of the projected image stays in focus.