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Recital hall at Walter Payton High School

Recital hall at Walter Payton High School with projector in use

Recital hall from the stage. Note projection room at top center.Walter Payton High School features a beautiful new auditorium, which staff call the recital hall. The hall includes a Sony ultra-bright projector with a long-throw lens, mounted in a front projection booth.

Technology staff use the booth for production as well as projection, and it houses sound and lighting controls plus video and audio recording systems.

The production and projection systems are both tied to the video distribution head end, making it easy to show a speech or concert throughout the school and, at the same time, record it for future distribution on videotape or DVD.

Projection booth in Payton recital hall showing production equipment and Sony projectorShown above is the recital hall from the balcony with projector in use, the hall looking back from the stage showing the projection booth, and the inside of the projection booth. You can see the Sony projector hanging from a wall mount in the center of the bottom photo.

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