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You can send email directly to a United Visual representative or department by clicking on the the corresponding email link below. If you have comments or questions about this website please direct them to [email protected]
  Sales Department [email protected]
  Production Services [email protected]
  Service Department [email protected]
  Website & Procurement [email protected]
Sales Department
  Becky Schmitt [email protected]
  Bryan Reinking [email protected]
  Chris Johnson [email protected]
  Dan Ferraro [email protected]
  Dan McKevitt [email protected]
  Kevin Cavanaugh [email protected]
  Mark Olsen [email protected]
  Mike Maturo [email protected]
  Paul Solarz [email protected]
Ricky Ginwright [email protected]
System/Installation Department
  Cariane Kafka [email protected]
  Chris Fields [email protected]
  Doug Goczkowski [email protected]
  Erik Sover [email protected]tedvisual.com
  Jay Roper [email protected]
  Joel Floyd [email protected]
  Rich Leonard [email protected]
  Lee Wolf [email protected]
Production Services
  Mike Ferraro [email protected]
  Scott Quinn [email protected]
  Joe Salchert [email protected]
Service Department
  Art Funk [email protected]
  John Lenox [email protected]
  Lori Gosstrom [email protected]
  Samantha Carlson [email protected]
  Robert Carlson [email protected]
  Robert Clark [email protected]
Marketing Department
  Ted Berger te[email protected]unitedvisual. com
IT Department
  Brian Moberg [email protected]
  Denise Fezekas [email protected]
  Earl Carlson, Jr. [email protected]
  Eunice Leide [email protected]
  Patty Piwowarski [email protected]
  Judy Sikora [email protected]
Corporate Officers
  Daniel Ferraro [email protected]
  Daniel McKevitt [email protected]
  Earl Carlson, Jr. [email protected]
  Lee Wolf [email protected]
  Robert Carlson [email protected]