Polycom videoconferencing system ViewStation 128
self contained, up to 128K, 15 fps
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ViewStation 128
List price: $5,999

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Polycom Video Conferencing System V128

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Overview of the ViewStation 128

The features of the ViewStation SP, plus dual monitor support; telephone add-on; ability to daisy-chain second table mic; second LAN connector; VCR and audio outputs; ability to be upgraded.

Up to 128K bandwidth: connect to ISDN service for up to 128K.

Standards compliant: follows H.320, H.263 and H.261 standards for superb connectivity.

Self-contained and portable: one piece base unit combines codec and high-resolution camera with zoom, pan and tilt controls. Simply plug into ISDN network and you're ready to go.

Use with single or dual monitors.

Picture in picture capability.

Omnidirectional table mic delivers quality, natural sound. Second table mic may be daisy-chained to the first (for large groups).

Telephone add-on: allows you to add an audio-only site to your video conference.

Ten camera presets: set up in minutes for predetermined closeups or long shots you can switch to instantly during a conference.

Freeze frame graphics: for fast, simultaneous use of document camera or PC images and video.

Automatic voice tracking: camera can follow voices to switch automatically to person speaking.

Built-in web server: simplifies bringing PC presentations into videoconferences.

Supports computer network connections for videoconferencing over your LAN or WAN; also simplifies remote support of your systems (has 2 LAN ports).

Key features
List price $5,999
Type compact
Network connection ISDN, IP
Bandwidth (max) 128K
Standards supported H.320/323
Video coding standards H.261, H.263+
Proprietary algorithms none
Frames per second 15
Monitors supported 2
Cameras supported 2 (1 built-in)
Audio freq response (Hz, max) 50 - 3500
Data collaboration yes
Picture-in-picture yes

Other specs and features
Automatic camera tracking yes
Bridging use service
Camera preset positions 10
Far end camera control yes
Freeze frame graphics yes
Remote control wireless, AMX
Speed dial yes
Table mic yes
Video formats NTSC, PAL
Warranty 1 year parts

Monitor outputs 1 s-video or composite, 1 s-video
Camera inputs none (use doc camera in or VCR in for add'l cameras)
Document camera in 1 Y/C
VCR in (composite) 1 composite (RCA)
VCR out 1 composite (RCA)
Aux video in none
Audio line in 1 RCA
Mic in yes
Audio line out 1 RCA
Headset out yes
Telephone add-on 1 RJ-11
LAN connection

Accessories for PolyCom video
conferencing systems

ISDN Adapters

For 128K ISDN setup #NT1
Philips PA-7027C 27" color monitor provides s-video inputs, 550 line resolution, stereo sound and a 181-channel TV tuner. One year warranty.


Philips PA-7032C 32" color monitor provides s-video inputs, 550 line resolution, stereo sound and a 181-channel TV tuner. One year warranty.
Dual Mic Accessory Kit (contains mic pod, 10' cable and instructions)


Rolling Cabinet
Bretford BBSC44-E4 wide body cart, 44" high, with a cabinet at the top of this cart. Includes two-outlet electrical assembly.


Carrying Case  
Polycom Hard Shell Case

Document cameras, other accessories, and system integration: please call or e-mail.

United Visual, Inc., Itasca, Illinois, 888-814-0030 or 630-467-1500

E-mail for pricing or for information & system design

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Polycom Videoconferencing system ViewStation 128
self contained, up to 128K, 15 fps